Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen

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Feeling helpless, overwhelmed or depressed about the world today? Please, don’t despair. Wyld Shamanism offers tools to empower you to participate in being the solution. We can be powerful co-creators with the Unseen to bring in the new templates of harmony, balance, divine love, deep peace, radical reverence, and respect for all of life.  This is what the Unseen want of us — to be our best version of ourselves and to remember how to work on the higher planes to bring change here.

The fires around the world, and in particular, in the lungs of the world —  the Amazon — have created an overwhelming global feeling of despair. But we can help in a very direct way, with our hearts, intentions and great love. That is what we are here for. We can’t get lost from our purpose, swept away in the grief we are all feeling at the chaos and catastrophe we are witnessing.

As a response I have created a new online class, Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen. In this class we will learn how to be in relationship with the Unseen, including the elemental spirits responsible for the weather and your own personal compassionate allies, including your power animal.

This is very important to help us through the chaos of our lives and a world in turmoil.  It’s going to be fun, deep, and useful to your every day lives.  What’s a human without their compassionate allies?  How  would our living planet feel if more humans remembered how to really live with her and acknowledge the spirit world and all the realms in a deep and meaningful way. We need to develop good relationships!  We will be taking journeys of discovery together and you will find out  some olde ways to help climate change and anchor the new divine template.

When I studied with the Andean Q’ero, they felt strongly it would be the shaman of the West who would turn this upside-down world, right-side up. My Fae mentors and friends feel the same. They want us to awaken, remember, and act differently. They want the awakened, the light-workers, and the Volunteers, to awaken further and step up.  They want us  to employ simple tools to take action, because apathy from overwhelm and despair will mean that we veer off track from the intended vision of a Golden Age.

There are many ideas about  ‘ascension”.  Some people feel the world needs to burn. Some think  UFOs will save them.  And to me this is like a leaving pattern, ditching responsibility to the planet we live on and her other children — the trees, rocks, rivers, animals and other unseen and non-human folks who share this beautiful planet with us.

For me the New Human walks in Beauty, honouring the sovereignty of all, co-creating with the co-inhabitants who share this planet with us.  We all shift up.  We can do so with empowerment and joy and not at the expense of others.

What if love without agenda really  is the answer? What if the words “loving kindness” take on new meaning as humans remember how to be with the Unseen like the ancient wise ones did? What if they remembered to work with the weather elementals and all manner of invisible ones in good relationship? What if they remembered the olde ways  of deep honouring and respect, and became less human-centric and more Earth-centric?

This is what these classes in Wyld Shamanism are about.  To help people find their way Home to their true Selves, through the shamanic practise of journeying.

Instead of being sucked into a whirlpool of despair, let’s gather together for empowerment.  Together we can set the intention for positive change.  We just need a group on the same page.

Are you with me?

Then please join me for Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen.

Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen

There is an urgency to this module, as we each have a role to play in being the solution to an envirnonemtnal crisis like no other. Through the majick of journeying, we will bring back the wisdom and empowerment we each need to fulfil our roles today. This is why we incarnated. This is what we each put our hands up for.

In this masterclass, we’re going to visit the unseen and begin some deep work in relationship to Otherworld beings, which is very important to help us through the chaos of our lives and a world in turmoil.  It’s going to be fun, deep, and useful to your every day lives.  What’s a human without their compassionate allies?

The course is available from September 9th (but you can sign up now), and there’s a private Wyld Shamanism Facebook group you can join to support it. 

What People Are Saying About Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen

“This course is amazing and is exactly what is needed for all of us all as we try to navigate through this time. The journeys Billie takes us on are unique, mystical and magical speaking to each individual at a heart and soul level. The drumming is other wordly!”
— Mel Reidy, NSW

“The Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen course has opened doors to a new world and allowed me to explore and extend my consciousness without limitations. Highly recommended for anyone who knows there’s another world alongside us.”
— Robin Tennant-Wood, NSW

“Through Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen, Billie has shown me the kind, gentle and true way of the world. It is empowering to find that my voice meant something and Wyld Shamanism has brought me so much knowledge and reassurance to bring it all together. Thank you, Billie. Deep blessings to you and the precious planet upon which we live.”
— Bernadette van den Acker, Victoria

“Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen — I recommend it to anyone who feels lost in this mad world. Keeps one sane and is so inspiring. Loving it all. Namaste.”
— Joy Allenby-Acuna, NSW

“With all Billie’s courses, and especially this one, the work keeps one uplifted in challenging times and gives one purposeful ways to help Mother Earth and ourselves, sending light into the darkness. It is also a great forum for like-minded souls to share experiences.”
— Judy Fountain, NSW

About Billie

Billie Dean is the co-founder of the Deep Peace Trust, an organisation for social change, based on ancient shamanic wisdom. She’s an innate, world-renowned telepath with all beings, and works with animals, the natural world, the unseen and those who have passed on. Billie and her husband and daughter run Australia’s largest farm animal sanctuary from their home in rural NSW, and also work as writers for Wild Pure Heart, their family story studio. Billie’s signature work, Secret Animal Business, is a book which changes lives. Wyld Shamanism is Billie’s own shamanic path, which is deeply rooted in the ways of Faerie.


I met Billie 12 years ago as my Shamanic teacher. I realised straight away that she was an extraordinary soul with great knowledge and skills, and so happy to share. Her heart and integrity shone from her like a light. She has walked the path she teaches, and I feel blessed to have found her to start my awesome journey into interspecies communication and very authentic shamanism practices. My training with her changed my life, helped me find a depth I was craving, and gave me new eyes to be more conscious on this planet and see the illusion we are fed. Bless you Billie for your heartfelt sharings and helping to heal this glorious planet.

— Debra Lansdowne Yoga Teacher and Transpersonal Art and movement Therapist

Billie’s teachings are life changing! When you immerse yourself in the animal world, you get to understand the importance of why we have to change the way we view and treat animal beings. Compassion at its core.
— Juliana Braunsroth, USA

Cost and Registration

Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen is just $88. All proceeds go to the Deep Peace Trust, supporting the animals at A Place of Peace.

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