What the Sanctuary Needs

We’ve been asked for a list of things that might help us get through the drought and recover from bushfire.

Thanks to everyone for their expressions of support and wanting to help the animals of A Place of Peace. The most important thing for us is ongoing donations. After the fire passes, we’ll still need support to keep the animals healthy and fed through whatever the future may hold, and continuous financial support is the best way to help us do that.

Having said that, donations of food and equipment are just as important and really do help us. So if you’d like to help us out with any of these, please get in contact so we can work it out.

Our biggest needs are as follows.

Hay and Feed

  • Hay. It currently costs us around $700 a day to feed the large animals at a time when there is not a blade of grass. This is just for hay alone. We are hoping to get a semi-trailer load of hay, so that  we can be assured of delivery. This will cost around $15,000, so we need people fundraising to help us! This is our most important priority.
  • Feed and supplements. Cattle and sheep pellets, Economix, Farm Muesli, molasses and mineral bricks (all non-urea only). Small bales of lucerne (we LOVE those)! Containers of apple cider vinegar and garlic. You can find all these at the feed store.
  • Wildlife food. The wombats love oaten or wheaten hay. The roos love rolled oats, All Purpose Pellets, apples and lucerne chaff. I leave this out for them daily.
  • The cows also eat bread, veggies and fruit. All kinds. Also seaweed (washed free of salt and sand).
  • Horse feed buckets.


This is another huge need. Currently, we can get  a load of water delivered from Goulburn for $550. Our own town is now restricted and we can no longer buy it locally. This water goes to the hundreds of animals reliant on a trough system. It’s stored in a tank on a hill and gravity fed into the troughs. Also:

  • Drinking water for humans.
  • Someone willing to wash animal bedding.
  • A couple of child size paddling pools for the geese and the wildlife to drink from with low sides. Think wombats, rabbits, hares.

For the Cats and Dogs

  • Vegan kibble for the dogs.
  • Vege Delights: Casserole Mince and Nutmeat  (both dogs and cats love this stuff!)
  • Rolled oats
  • Sugar Free Vita brits or  sugar-free wheat bix
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Soy and almond milk
  • Also need cat bowls for the tip cats
  • Cat litter (or a delivery of sawdust from the local mill to use as a substitute).

Healing Tools

  • Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner (great for washing any sheep with fly blow)
  • Also from Young Living, Purification, Frankincense  and Oregano oils
  • Colloidal Silver — tons of this!  If anyone makes their own we want to hear from you!
  • Cetrigen or Chloromide (the purple spray). It’s anti-bacterial wound spray (from feed stores or horse supply stores) 
  • Always good to have Vetwrap on hand.
  • Syringes, all sizes.
  • Needles for the syringes, all sizes.
  • From McDowells Herbs: Infect-a Clear, Alleviate, SCC Eyewash, Herbal Worming
  • From HAMPL: Para-Clear and a homeopathic First Aid Kit (getting low on some things). 

Big Picture Things

  • More water tanks are a must. We need to disentangle the highly integrated system  currently  in place.
  • A large cat enclosure with a cubby house for the cats to curl up in. Must have snakeproof netting, so that is what we mostly need. And the cubby house!
  • A hospital barn (recycled timber and iron). 
  • A huge hospital laundry type addition to our old cottage where I can put storage— medicinals, bags and buckets of animal feed, supplements etc, plus sick animals, or baby goats/lambs, and store animal towels and blankets (this is my dream).
  • We desperately need a 4WD ute that doesnt slide backwards down steep hills with a load of hay.  Our current two feed vehicles are terrifying and even our mechanic says it is time for the new.  We need one which can be registered to collect hay  from the outside world when needed and another which doesnt need to be registered. It just needs to get up steep hills in all weather, with a load of hay!  The ute needs a tray with sides so the hay stays on and in. And be high off the ground as we have rough country and need to get across the creek when this drought breaks and it inevitably floods.
  • We also need a builder to help keep Owl Cottage going.  We have holes in doors and floors and she is a little unsteady on her footings — some of which are the original tree stumps from 100 years ago. She needs some urgent TLC and is home to many who depend on her to keep sheltering them!!

For the Humans

Vegan food for the humans — hint — think easy meals.  We only have one hot plate to cook with  No oven. Nachos, pasta, fruits, veggies, beans, tofu.. whole foods.  During the fires we didn’t cook at all.  So vegan dips are good. too. The dogs eat all this as well (not the nachos) as I make them up human food, they often eat better than we do !

Thank You

So much gratitude with whatever you can offer!! Let’s work together to keep this ark afloat.  Bless you!