Well in the Wilderness

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Are  you in need of a well in the wilderness?  A little suaimhneas (SOO-iv-nass)?  This Irish word offers  peace, tranquillity, quietness, rest, calm and comfort.  It encapsulates the sense of serenity that is much striven for in modern life.  And this is what we hope you will find as you peruse our site — the Well in the Wilderness, that is the virtual home of the Deep Peace Trust.

This Well offers a safe haven, a pool of inspiration and hope to drink from, to nourish the soul and lighten the spirit.  Connecting deeply with nature and animals in a sacred way, helps humans come home to themselves and find solace. Our aim is to help you reawaken your ancient wisdom, remember the paths your ancestors once trod when we lived in harmony with the world, and through that memory, live in harmony again.

When humans focus on the positive and give no mind to the darkness, the world begins to resemble the focus.  This is the Deep Peace Dreaming we encourage, similarly to the way the Elders of many nations, hold the vision of a balanced world.

When the world gets too much, come to the Well, and refresh your heart and soul with uplifting stories,  inspiration, ancient  wisdom tools, animals messages and thoughts, and gorgeous visuals.  Wander around our website..and soothe your soul

Come into the stillness … and find yourself there.