Our Vision and Mission

Fostering Deep Peace and Non-Violence for All Species


Our vision is of a planet fuelled by loving kindness, where animals and the natural world are honoured, respected and even revered. Where they can live autonomously with sovereignty, with humans as their loving carers stepping in when needed. Where humans change from predators with a narrow view of animals to partners in a benevolent stewardship, enjoying the enrichment of mutually-beneficial relationships.

In other words, our vision is for a world that we see already on the horizon, blossoming in the hearts of decent men and women who understand that animals are more than commodities, pests, food, clothing, and entertainment, that they have a right to life with humans or not, and they are our co-inhabitants, sharing this planet with us.

We see a world of deep peace for every species. A world without violence and suffering to innocent animals who love and grieve and have family bonds, social structures, and spiritual and psychic lives, just as we do.

Imagine a world of deep peace.


Our mission is to help people see these truths. To help people rise above a human-centric perspective of the world, embracing the ancient philosophy that all beings are alive, from the tops of the mountains, to the flowing stream, the rocks, the trees, the flowers, and of course, the animals. We walk and teach this ancient way of being, living with respect for all life, giving back (reciprocity) to keep the balance, having gratitude and wonder for all the beauty, understanding that humans have but one seat at the table of this planet, and humbly sharing it with other species.

We promote our mission through our creative arts, our writing, photography and videos, and through sharing our stories and our perspective and philosophy.

Our planet is so much more than humans have been taught. The animals are so much more than we have been programmed to believe. They are not here for us, they are here with us. And we are here to walk in beauty, doing no harm, honouring all life and to grow spiritually through acts of compassion and kindness — finding our heart, which is our moral compass, our true north.

Surely this is a more evolved vision and way in the world than the current barbaric practises towards animals, causing nothing but suffering and grief.

Please join our mission to help both humans and animals — support our work, and take our classes.

Here’s to human evolution and kindness to all beings.