Better For You, Better For the Animals, Better For the Planet


Hello, thank you for coming to this page!  Today we are faced with all kinds of problems on the planet, and one of the biggest impacts you can make quickly, is to go vegan. For the animals, for climate change, for the planet, for you.

We are in a completely new and exciting time!  How can we have true peace on this planet if we continue to kill and cause suffering to others? To have true peace for all, means peace for all species as we truly are all interconnected in this great web of life. So what we do with our buying choices and what we do with our food choices affects others. And those others are human and non-human. It’s time to be mindful and caring of others. It’s time to evolve! Once humans depended on animals, and used them for food, sacrifice, divination, clothes and shelter. But today we don’t need to. We have so many choices, and the animals have told me over and over that they are finished suffering. So let’s honour them for their sacrifice and allow them to live in peace in this new era. It’s well and truly time to give them the respect and reverence they so deserve. Let’s champion a world without fear — a world of deep peace for all species.

How can I help, you ask? The first thing you can do is become vegan.

What is a Vegan?

A vegan is someone who has made a commitment to a plant-based diet. That sounds very dry but actually it is really yummy and next to raw food vegan, it is currently the healthiest diet on the planet. You can make dozens of meals with nuts, beans, legumes, veges and fruit and feel fabulous on many levels.  This diet is full of wholesome nutrients, you can practically grow it yourself (think of the implications of that for the planet!) and it harms no animals at all. There are many vegan athletes and a 74 year old vegan was voted “Most Beautiful Vegan “.  She looked like a woman a third of that age with long blonde hair and great skin.

A vegetarian is someone who has dropped all meat, including fish and chicken, from their diet, but still eats eggs, honey, and dairy.

While being a vegetarian is often a fabulous first step or bridge for people transitioning to an animal-kind diet, we have to today consider the horrors of modern farming practises for the dairy and egg industry. If someone wants to keep a few chickens and with their permission eat the non-fertile eggs, that’s one thing. Personally I reached a stage where my body rejected animal food of all kinds, after being vegetarian for a long while.And I feel better for it.  Dairy was never a big part of my diet but at one time in my youth, we had dairy goats who we shared the milk with and turned that into yoghurt, butter and cheese. These goats were our friends and the last died only 17 years ago, at the ripe old age of 21. She came into the house to be warmed by the fire, and in her final days, we slept cuddled up to her, nursing her day and night. She told me I needed goats in my life, and now we have a small herd of rescued poddy goats, who were all raised in the house and continue to delight us with their friendship. None are milked.

Sadly that is not the life of most dairy animals.

Think about the amount of milk which needs to be produced for the all the milk, custard, yoghurt, cheeses, puddings and chocolate that you see in the supermarket shelves today.

Just as I was grateful to be vegetarian forty years ago when my herb teacher started talking about how meat putrifies in the gut creating an environment for disease, I was grateful to be vegan when I heard about the bobby calves, and how they are cruelly ripped away from their mums and slaughtered for veal. Cows are beautiful, kind, intelligent animals who are very maternal and loving and they grieve with a passion that rivals any human. So this treatment is something that we can change with our voting dollars, and our voice.

Further to that, milk is not exactly the health food that the dairy industry claims it to be. We were always taught it created mucous and I made sure my daughter never had it when she was growing up. And without dairy she still managed to get to 20with no cavities in her teeth – so the calcium argument doesn’t exactly fly in my book.

A Loving Kindness Diet and Human Evolution

Veganism is not just a diet, it is a way of life and viewing the world. There are of course different kinds of people eating a vegan diet and not all follow a spiritual path and some are still very angry about the way animals are treated, bless them!

But let’s look at veganism in a broader context.

A model vegan is animal-centric — they think about animals of all species and are filled with compassion and kindness for them. And that extends to their buying choices, including clothes, shoes, drums, cosmetics, make-up, jewellry, hand bags, luggage, furniture and so on.

A model vegan is a fit, healthy, calm, kind, gentle, green, earth-friendly person who extends compassion to all living beings from spiders and ants to cows and sheep and everything in between.

So take this green, earth and animal respecting, peaceful person, and extend this thought to envisioning a vegan world. If killing stopped on the planet , and people evolved to gentle compassion and respect for all of life, there would be peace for all species and freedom from fear.

Thou shalt not kill was a very good commandment that humans have completely ignored and perhaps it is time, in this era of the growing Consciousness, to finally embrace it.

Cat and dogs can also be vegan, and I would advise you to research their nutritional needs (cats are very different to us and dogs at the moment) so they too can transition to a kinder diet healthfully. Please see some excellent resources below.

The Future

When people make a conscious choice not to kill, this changes the collective so that animals are free to make their own choices as well. If the collective thought is kindness, so it will be. We are a world of resonance. We have already seen so much evidence of wild “predators” adopting their prey, befriending their prey or choosing not to eat the flesh of others consciously as in the case of Little Tyke the lioness (see Secret Animal Business). In the future, those who are vibrating at the very high frequency of peace and beyond, will be able to manifest whatever they desire so not even the plant people are harmed. Homo luminous, as we are becoming in this quantum leap of evolution, do not require food like homo sapiens.

So for now, join others in this journey in evolution, and consider going vegan!

Vegan Resources

Vegan recipes and recipe sites

There are some great recipes in the links below, and a fantastic variety of tastes and treats. And once you get to one of the sites, it’s  easy to get lost poking around to see what else is there. Happy vegan eating!




And of course, a search for “vegan recipes” on your favourite search engine turns up tons of sites. Try it at GoogleBing and DuckDuckGo.

For Animals

“It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.” – Albert Einstein

For People and in General

Raw Food Diets

My ABSOLUTE favorite raw book is Raw Food Real World by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis. A lot of the recipes call for a lot of time in preparation, but they are SO worth it! This wouldn’t be the best ‘everyday’ raw recipe book, but it’s definitely the best in my mind! (They have a restaurant in NYC called Pure Food and Wine, and these are recipes from their restaurant kitchen) A better ‘everyday’ raw book would be Raw: The Uncook Book by Juliano (we went to his restaurant in Santa Monica). For full scale, mind blowing, fine dining raw (even just get this book to be SO amazed and inspired!), get Rawby Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein. You will never BELIEVE what they do with raw food! It is MAGICAL!

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Photo credit of Dog and Carrot: andy_carter.
Photo credit: Fruit and veggie platter by Victoria Koh.