18 November 2021

We lost Big Mama in these wild eclipse energy times. She was a beautiful black standardbred rescue from 2018. She came during the drought with her daughter and we spent months making sure she was in the best of health.

She and her daughter Bindi ruled the roost! That’s her looking happy in the pic above in the background less than a year after she came to us, with Bindi is in the foreground.

Her herd was as shocked as we were when we found her lying on top of a hill in her paddock, grass still in her mouth. Her heart just went and I feel this emptiness, this.. feeling of being bereft. I want her to come back. I want her to boss everyone at dinner time. I just feel numb Her spirit was all over the paddock, and her herd joined us in examining the body. They wanted us to see and to tell them what had happened. They joined us for ceremony.

They didn’t stop until we took the body away for burial. She didn’t want to be buried in that paddock. It felt too lonely, because she knew her family wouldn’t be in it all the time. But in the main paddock where the main horse burial place is, there are always horses there. The horse burual guy came too quickly. But the ways of Spirit are miraculous and for some reason he forgot his ramp, and went home. We had more time to process her passing.

She was buried at 11 am the next morning, and it was perfect.

I knew someone was leaving, there was such a storm in my emotional centre, and I have a few frail residents I am nursing at the moment. But I never thought it would be her. Never in a million years. She had everything to live for. She loved her food, she loved her herd. She had family. She was safe and secure. She was such a character. She was the mare the rest of the herd followed. I just feel numb.

Rest in Peace beloved girl. I will always take care of your family. Thank you for gracing our lilves with your presence. The Summerland will be brighter for your presence. Miss you big time. xxxx