It was in 1978 that I first heard of the indigenous Prophecy of Peace , a golden era on earth of a thousand years of peace, surpassing any other golden era in Earth’s history.

I was immediately smitten with the idea, and my soul put my hand up to do whatever I could to help the prophecy become a reality.

Over the years the prophecy kept popping up in my life.  Native American elders flew into my orbit somehow to discuss this and ask me to write about it ( I was a journalist), I was in England for the 1987 Harmonic Convergence in Glastonbury, dedicated to heralding in the New Age.  I studied  Andean shamanic healing, and discovery the Inka also spoke of this time .. a quantum leap in evolution with the world turning the right side up.. ie the divine feminine returning heralding a world of nurturing, compassion, equality, benevolence, care.. and peace for all.

I’ve taken it one more step— deep peace for all species.. because farm animals deserve to be released from slavery, and live lives of peace.. as they do in our sanctuary, A Place of Peace, and I don’t believe we can have an era of peace, unless animals, all of them, are truely respected and have peace themselves.

So..now we are in the time of prophecy.  Everything we considered in our documentary This Sacred Earth, is coming to pass in 2020.  But it felt to me like the wheels began whirling towards this, in 2012.

It’s heavy out there right now.. a collective dark night of the soul is upon us, at the same time as huge opportunity for change. And that’s exciting.

Here at A Place of Peace, we’ve spent the last 24 years creating our version of the Prophecy of Peace, acting from our hearts for animals in need. We now have a village of sanctuary in the midst of a farming community.   A possible blueprint of what the new earth could look like.  The peace here is palpable, and will  only get better the more we can improve the land with regenerative methods and future-proof for sanctuary security.

Living on earth in the old world, is a nightmare for animals.  Hunted, culled, exploited, raped, killed, tortured, worked to death. The human is the worst predator , and the cruellest.

But here at A Place of Peace the new world is founded on love and safety.  The animals can relax, many for the first time in their lives.

And that peace, multiplied by hundreds, ripples.

Here at A Place of Peace we offer the animals a major healing in their own programming.  Imagine what centuries of being killed does to a species. The build up of trauma feeds the collective psyche.  So we untangle it. Every soul who dies in peace and love, chips away at an old matrix, changing it for the collective.

So let’s imagine what a New Earth would look like, and how we can bring it about.

We can bring it through kindness.  Through going vegan (kindness to farm animals) , disrupting the conditioned pattern of abuse and violence.  The ripple effect of this one act is huge.  Imagine a world free of culling, hunting, trapping, poisoning, boiling alive, fishing, gassing alive, slaughtering,  Instead a world where animals felt at peace.  They were safe.

Just imagine every single animal feeling safe. Safe in their own homes.  Feel it!! Truly free to enjoy their beautiful earthly bodies, and their beautiful lives.  Imagine. Imagine a world where every being knew they had a place and were respected by all other beings.

Imagine a world where trees and rivers, rocks and the Earth herself knew they too were respected by all beings.  A world of forests and natural wonders, always changing and emerging and delighting.  A world of colour and beauty, poetry, wilderness and song.  

Imagine humans understanding we are all the same under the skin no matter what race or species.  And ignorance and hatred being replaced by love, respect and respectful curiousity.

Imagine a world where instead of humans enslaved to work,  each contributed to the whole with whatever their joy was.. whatever their heart song was.  

Keep imagining what the highest outcome might be for a Golden Age.  Imagine what it would look like if every single life form was appreciated, safe, peaceful and blissful.

It might sound like a faerie tale to you.. but perhaps that is exactly what it is.

The old legends speak of  worlds which exist within this one, of beings who live in higher dimensions . Perhaps this faerie tale already exists, and you are being called to create it in your own hearts and homes.

Being vegan, being radically kind, doing our own personal healing  and spiritual work , and feeling our joy by doing more of the things we love to do. — these are all simple action steps we can take to make this faerie tale utopia happen in our own currently very troubled world.

This is the opportunity we have now.  To turn the world right side up so all beings may feel safe and happy.  It’s seriously not too much to ask. 

So in this passageway to a quantum leap in evolution , take time to envision, imagine, and dream a new timeline of wonder , where humanity taps into the realisation that we are all light beings and we can all work miracles.  The time of prophecy is on its way.

Billie Dean is the founder of the Deep Peace Trust, a social change organisation  and co -founder of it’s animal sanctuary A Place of Peace. Please donate if you can, to support the work, and the animals.  www.deeppeacetrust.com/donate