Are you happy? Or does the world make you angry and the ashes of that anger burn at the touch? Or does it make you sad, overwhelmed and want to withdraw?

The secret to happiness … is  kindness. Kindness is love in action. This season, let’s make Christmas into Kindmas!

What does it take to be kind this season, and how will that make you happy?

Believe it or not, humans are hardwired to kindness. It is natural to the human condition. Some people are more driven then others to be kind, to make change, to right social wrongs, to resist, to revolt, to revolutionise.

But simple acts of kindness also go a long way to change the world. Kindness feels good to the giver. Kindness also softens the heart of the receiver. The heart sends out ripples into the ethers.  The unified field has a new dent. Dents make change.

Dents are one of the reasons we are vegan. why we promote veganism, (non-violence to animals), and why we have such a large sanctuary of peace for animals. Dents make change.

We all know the world needs to change, so instead of feeling overwhelmed, make an act of kindness. Do it today.

Here are some kindness ideas:

Donate, support, make food for the homeless, give an animal in need a home. Check on your neighbour. Do something for the elderly, who are often alone.

Your family might be the Horrible Ones, but they too need kindness. Offer to help with the Christmas gathering by bringing food. Make the food vegan. Just don’t tell anyone. The word “vegan” can be a hot topic. But delicious food is always welcome, and we all know that vegan food is delicious. It’s just that they don’t.Yet.

Another kindness is the ability to listen. Why is that family member the horrible one? Perhaps they have a story that made them like that. Perhaps the mere act of being heard will soften them.

Here’s a link to an article on how to cater for the vegan in the family.

And another on Jamie Oliver’s site with recipes for a kind, cruelty-free feast.

I have found that in my animal consultation practice. When an animal is heard, really heard, healing begins.

Also, be kind to the earth—let’s not pollute this season. Give green/eco gifts that offer more meaning.  And won’t just be more plastic crup in landfill.

We can all make a difference.


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