The Deep Peace Way

Autumn path with morning fog and animals

The Deep Peace Way is a soulful path to meaningful living — a path of subtle activism, self transformation, and enlightened perspectives of animals, the earth and nature.

Peace is not just the absence of war.  It is serenity for all – a life without fear.  Here at the Deep Peace Trust, we believe that animals deserve serenity too, but to achieve that, they need humans who respect and understand this need.  We want to help people turn from predators to peaceniks.

The Deep Peace Way dusts off the word Peacenik, owns it, and travels a road embracing the old hippy values and attributes of love, chai, chocolate, earth, animal and nature guardianship, echo-ethics, music, laughter, serenity, freedom, the arts, a good story, a wonderful song, a warm hearth and pumpkin soup.

Peaceniks live a life of non-violence, compassionate action, and harmony with all beings.

The Deep Peace Way has its roots in ancient spiritual wisdom, lore and traditions, wrapped with love into a modern vegan, loving-kindness lifestyle based  on the principle of ahimsa.

For those who want to go deeper into the journey we offer books, stories, visuals, conversations, blogs and learning.  The Deep Peace Way helps people get deeper and more sacred connections with nature, the animals, and the Otherworld.  It offers thoughts and practises to assist a more meaningful life.

Our goal and mission is Impact through Insight.  This path offers insight into worlds most people never get to glimpse.  And that in itself is transforming and deeply rewarding.

NEW: 30 Days of Spiritual Wildness — a challenge for planetary change. Are you game? Do you have the courage to change for the planet? Join us this September 2016.  And be introduced to The Deep Peace Way! Registrations from Wednesday, August 17 2016.  This is a Deep Peace Trust Charity Fundraiser for A Place of Peace Farm Animal Sanctuary– for the animal’s upkeep and food.  All proceeds go to support the sanctuary.