SWDtR: Day 9: The Power of Intention



Years ago, Spirit showed me a vision of how to anchor the unmanifest and make it manifest. The image was of an anchor holding fast on the shore. And that is what intention is like. You set your course, you pull to shore by throwing an anchor of intention.

Intention helps bring your desire into the material form.

We have all seen how this works. I set my intention to get my “perfect life partner” by writing down all the positive attributes of that person. He came within two years, and 30 years later is still at my side.

I also set my intention to get home safely at night if I’m on the road, and to find hay when all the hay providers tell me there is none.

When we use our intention we are not at the whim of the collective. We can break through the murky waters, to a different way of being.

Its not just about using your Will. It’s about understanding that you are a part of Source/Great Spirit which is always creating. And the miracles you can create are determined only by how much you can know this in your feeling heart.

Set your intention and then allow whatever else to come in for the highest and best outcome for all concerned. This is important. It allows the magic to unfold. What if what we thought we wanted, wasn’t nearly as good as what was possible, and further, on one timeline somewhere, already with us?

So if I am setting my intention to create, I always add, “For the highest and best for all concerned.” This way you don’t inadvertently hurt others in the process.

We use our intention every single day. But let’s look at it a bit more closely.

Using Intention

Lynne McTaggert in The Intention Experiment says:

Targeting your thoughts — or what scientists ponderously refer to as “intention” and “intentionality” — appeared to produce an energy potent enough to change reality. A simple thought seemed to have the power to change our world.

Now, everyone on the most basic spiritual path knows that thoughts are things. But not everyone grasps the power of it. It’s so easy in our world to get sucked into the collective mire of negative thoughts. We are not conditioned to own our power.

So what about thoughts affecting everything from machines to human beings? And that this experience has been researched by scientists for many decades.

Suddenly it’s not just Buddha, Shakespeare, and The Secret talking about thoughts being things and humans only seeing this as a way to get ‘stuff”. It’s a way to create the new, heal the sick, and create miracles.

When Spirit was showing me the vision of the anchor, it was about how to anchor the divine template of the new era. With the power of intention, the magic of allowing and the feeling of joy or blissful peace.

Every thought we have is a tangible energy with the power to transform.
Lynne McTaggart The Intention Experiment

Intention in Healing

Consciousness affects matter. And as a healer I have been trained to hold the body as malleable, and any challenges as merely “stuck energy”.

I see the body as something that is divine and vital, but with blocks if an illness is presenting. This is a different “intention” and perspective to a medically trained person who sees a disease they have to cure. They give it a name. They bring energy to that name. They call it incurable, or terrible. And the person or animal is stuck with the collective field of disharmony around them. Unless they have a strong enough Will to resist that.

In traditional healing methods, the object is to bring the person back to homeostasis — balance.

And we understand the power of the positive mind to overcome challenges.

Healing is looked at holistically — and includes the spiritual and emotional as well as the physical.

In Brandon Bays’ book The Journey, she talks of her time with a tumour the size of a basketball. Her boss, personal growth coach Tony Robbins, was absolutely clear that she would deal with this, and that he would see her in six weeks at his next big conference.

She realised what a gift his infallible faith was to her, and vowed not to tell anyone about her condition who might undermine this faith. She told only six key people, each of them providing clues to the puzzle of her healing in a very positive way.

The result was that in six weeks, her tumour was gone. Without surgery or drugs.

In one way of explaining the miracle, you could say that Tony set the intention for her healing. In his mind, she was capable of healing herself, and he never doubted that. That intention inspired Brandon to feel the same, and the Universe sent her the right people and programs to dissolve the emotions which caused the tumour in the first place. She got to the underlying cause creating not just a cure, but a healing.

Our modern allopathic medicine teaches to find cures for symptoms. The more ancient methods of healing attempt to ease and cure the symptoms, but also treat the cause so that the health challenge doesn’t return. This is what we man by healing.

Group Intention

The power of group intention is something which interests me very much. This is when, for example, a group of people focus their intention on an outcome.

There is a Greg Braden video clip (below) where a woman had a tumour which shrank on camera as three trained healers held the feeling intention that she was already healed.

She wanted this healing and so it was. It took three minutes.

Just a reminder note here: to do healing, even Reiki, on someone without permission is a form of sorcery. Some people and animals don’t want healing for reasons of their own. So this is why it’s important for people to seek permission. Praying for a person’s highest good with divine love and deep peace is a better way to go, than “I’m going to fix this by sending my healing energy.” You can see there is a difference between offering love that the body and soul can use or not, or sending an energy with ego and intent which might do more harm than good. Some cancers actually feed on energy. So please be careful and respectful. Always ask.

A group prayer for a positive outcome is also group intention. Groups have gathered throughout time to put focussed intention on an outcome. Again, do t with respect.  Ask permission.  Ask for the highest and best outcome for all concerned.

Druid Winston Churchill (you knew he was a Druid, right? A member of Albion Lodge of the Anciente Order of Druids of Oxford) knew the power of collective thought. So when the ravens left the Tower of London after it was bombed during WWII, he quickly ordered some more, bringing new ravens back to the Tower to nest. He understood the old myths and legends of his country, that the raven was seen as a protective totem, and that in the hearts and minds of the people, while the ravens nested on the Tower, the collective thought would be that Britain was protected.. and thus would be so.

The reason for today’s lesson isn’t about manifestation so much as it is about the power of your thoughts.

One of the reasons I set my intention to get home safely when I’m out, is because someone once told me the people who did get home safely were the ones who imagined themselves at home, greeting their loved ones, enjoying a reunion, eating dinner.

So this is what I do. I see all the dogs greeting me when I drive up, bringing in the groceries, hugging Andrew. Because then my mind, my anchor, thinks I am home, and creates that reality and time line for me.

With the rudder of intention, you never need to get lost in the wilderness of our current times. Set your intention to “knowing” your way through the wasteland of our falling paradigm. And then follow the signs to the right doors.

Today’s Challenge

Feel what is feels like to receive divine love. And then feel what it feels like to have someone want to fix you with their (well meaning) healing sent from (unconscious) ego. When we do this in live events, people can feel it. The “fix” attitude makes you want to take a shower. The divine love feels like a warm pink blanket of love.

Set your intention to find a coin in the next two days. Then set your intention to find a feather.

Practise being mindful of your thoughts, and catch yourself when you feel yourself getting entangled in the negative.

When praying or setting intentions for the world to be set to rights, know that the Divine has a bigger plan. So consider including, “…for the highest good of all concerned.” And again, by focussing your intention on the beauty of the world, it means that there is more beauty in the world. What we focus on expands.


Greg Braden’s story of the woman who healed through people trained to heal with thought and feeling .