SWDtR: Day 6: Spirits of Place


Ceremony and Spirits

When we first moved to our current land, I sensed it had curled in on itself as protection from people who didn’t know about spirits and sacred aliveness. Everything seemed asleep.

So I did a sacred ceremony speaking directly to the tree spirits, fae and other spirits of place, invoking them to awaken and telling them it was safe to do so.

The area became alive with beings happy to be recognised and appreciated.

To this day, over 20 years later, the Unseen all like to gather when I do ceremony.

And the tree people have enriched my life with their wisdom and love.

As the Wild Wise, we recognise all the landscape as sacred. And when one is sensitive, you can notice the different energy and frequency of different parts of this landscape.

The top of one hill on our place feels extraordinarily like the top of Glastonbury Tor. It’s a masculine energy — wild and invigorating, inviting the wind to be its playmate.

Down at the creek, the energy is so soft and gentle, like the beautiful garden and well of Glastonbury’s Chalice Well. The spirit there is very feminine, as you would expect with the spirit of water. This is why I call our place “Little Avalon”. The overall feel of it is gentle, wild, wise and ancient.

Spirits of Place and Home

Every place has its spirit. And each place is different. There are reasons sacred sites are where they are.

As well as becoming more mindful and aware of the energy of the landscape, you will also notice where you feel Home. You can also call on the spirits of place to help you inside your home with sacred placement of objects and furniture.

It’s all getting back to thinking of ourselves as part of the whole, instead of simply unconsciously imposing our will. If you are building a home, instead of deciding yourself, ask the spirits of place. Where is permission given? Where “feels” right? And while it might feel right for you, make sure it is not someone else’s home you are destroying. The European fae are notorious for disrupting the building of human things around their sacred sites and homes.

Further, where we live influences who we are. Consider for a moment how one behaves on a holiday, to how you feel at home. Do you feel more free to wildly express yourself? Does the place you are in support who you are? Or do you feel called to answer the roots of your childhood, ancestors or spiritual lineage?

With both spiritual and ancestral lineage in Ireland, I fully expected to never want to come home when I visited. But while I adored my stay there, and had several flashback memories, I knew it was not “home” at the moment. While my spirit drank in the green grass of England and Ireland, was nourished by the ancientness of the land, the history, the beautiful  buildings, and everything else, home was this patch of land in Australia where I currently live. To date, i have never felt more at home anywhere and I know it is because of the “other” work we do here and must do. Not only is A Place of Peace a haven for animals in need, it is a place of refuge for the fae and other unseens, who, along with other things, strongly disapprove of the use of chemicals of any kind.

I spent my informative teen years on the coast, nurturing a love of Mother Sea and body surfing. I always pictured myself living a life of growing veggies, body surfing, and hanging out with dogs and a guitar.

But I never found a place on the coast that felt like home. And I made decisions which took me away from that time line and into another. I honoured the call to do something different in this current stage of my life..

During this time of the great awakening, certain souls are positioned to anchor the light. They have been hibernating as they do this, consciously or not. Staying put.

Among lightworkers, there has also been a great deal of movement, as many have been called to change where they live. This is about honouring the call of your Higher Self, who might be the only aspect of you who knows the truth of why you are where you are!

And perhaps the real reason you are doing this course is because you needed to understand the yearning in your heart to be living in another location. Or perhaps it is a summons from on high to do spiritual work with the spirits of place where your soul sends you. Perhaps your mere presence will be a healing  where you next put down roots. Or perhaps you are already doing the work you came here to do at this time, and now the spirits and the spirit of place can become more recognised and appreciated by you, and this is turn will create more harmony and light as an offset to our current global trauma.

Today’s Challenge

1. Really be aware of your surroundings and the land you live with as sacred. For those living in the country, that might be easier than for those living in the city, but it is still true. How does understanding that the earth is alive and populated with unseen energies and beings shift your thinking of how you are living?

2. Do a welcoming ceremony to the spirits of place. Make this like a ritual. When you engage in ritual you change the dynamics of your personal reality.

So have a shower. You might even shower with baking soda and salt, using it as a scrub to absorb all negative energies, and rinsing it off. Notice how energetically clean you feel.

Go outside if you can, or be inside thinking of the earth below you, and ask permission to do a welcome ceremony. And with love in your heart and humility in your soul, introduce yourself to the land and the spirits, expressing a desire to live in harmony. Use your imagination as to how best conduct this for you and the spirits.

You also might like to make a tiny altar, representing the spirits of your area — a little soil or a stone for the earth, water, sea shells or a cup for water, a candle for fire, incense or a feather for air, and a pic of a rainbow or a butterfly perhaps for spirit. Do what is meaningful for you.

In Shamanism, an altar is a mindful act to enhance one’s connection. Today’s altar is to connect you more deeply to the spirit of place and Mother Earth. An altar functions as a central focus point for meditation and prayers. Your energy becomes more focussed, still and empowered,  if you collect your sacred items like candles, sea shells, and stones that you have  placed around the house,together in one place with intention  — on your altar.

3. How does living where you are shape you? Are you really living your full potential? Are you living as you? Or are you living your life according to the social mores of the place and time? If that is so, are you willing to throw off some more old coats and labels, so you can be more authentically you? Can you be more you where you live?

4. Ask the spirit of place to help you cleanse and clear the environment where you live. Pray and visualise it as its divine self, offer deep peace and divine love in the prayer of meditation.

(If you like the image for today, you might enjoy it as wall art, a pillow, on a notebook, or other merch.)