SWDtR: Day 5: Fear of Lack or Magic of Plenty?


Faith is the bird that feels the light
and sings when the dawn is still dark.
— Rabindranath Tagore, Fireflies: a collection of proverbs, aphorisms and maxims

Holding a Big Vision

I was on the road doing festivals and feeling a little despondent about the world, when an acquaintance said to me, “You have a big vision, and that takes a lot of strength to hold in the face of the reality seen before you.”

He told the story of Gandhi, who held his vision of victory even as journalists all crowded around him telling him the opposite. The part of the story which resonated with me was about holding the vision no matter what. For me, that is the vision of deep peace for all species.

The world is malleable. We are co-creators. We can anchor the divine blueprint.

And it doesn’t matter what the rest of the world is doing. What we focus on expands. So right now, with the failing old paradigm and the chaos unleashed, it is more important than ever to remember the creative power we hold.


There are many, many stories of people flourishing when they listen to the voice of Spirit. Or to the Unseen who are living here with us.

You may have heard of Findhorn, a thriving spiritual centre in Scotland, famous because its founders, Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean were able to grow enormous vegetables and thrive on a bleak plot of land.

Findhorn is dedicated to living in “harmony with all the forces on the planet.” At its heart is the belief that Spirit resides in everything and that it is essential to bring harmony and peace into all aspects of life.

Living in a caravan, with three growing boys to feed, trusting the voice of spirit couldn’t have been easy.

But as Peter says, “You can bring about anything by your thoughts. Align yourself with God consciousness and you can bring about truth in material form. What you think you create.”

In her autobiography, Flight into Freedom and Beyond, Eileen opens with a stirring speech she gave to four thousand people in India in 1984 about peace.

In it lies the heart of what the work of the Deep Peace Trust is about as well:

A person of peace does not resist war, but practises peace. If we take sides, we practise attack. Defensive retaliation is responsible for war, because we are at war with our minds. We cannot fight for peace. We cannot know the nature of peace, until we have arrived at peace in our own hearts. And the way to do this is by ceaseless prayer. It is what I call the “inner work” which all of us need to do, not just now and then, but constantly. This is what will bring peace.

She goes on to say:

There can be no unity without love. Love is the key that opens all the doors. Love is the balm that heals all wounds. Love is the light which lightens the darkness ….. Where there is love, there is peace”

She talked about the true nature of reality and the foundation of the work we are all being called to do in this course, Deepening the Rewilding. When we make change in ourselves, we find change in those around us as well. The speech was made in 1984. It could have been made for today’s current crisis.

When we are at perfect peace within, all conflict will disappear, and we will see humanity through the eyes of love. We will know that we are indeed all one in God’s sight. For God is Love. Let us remember that as we think, so we are, as we think, so we create. We are indeed co-creators with God.

More Co-Creating

Another story of co-creating with nature comes from Penny Kelly in her book The Elves of Lily Hill Farm. Here she recounts her experience of working with the resident elves and the forces of nature to grow healthy grapes without chemicals or pesticides. But the book is about a lot more than that. Along the way, Penny realises that her deepest desire, to garden all summer and write all winter, just might be possible if she learns to understand how to keep the natural balance and stop being a “reluctant farmer.” I love that the elves helped her become more truly authentic.

The Elves tell her:

“Ye are out of balance and yer standard of living is so close to a nightmare that we are sure ye must all be asleep.”

Machaelle Wright, the founder of the Perelandra Institute and author of Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered, works with nature intelligence. She says:

Imagine what we individuals could accomplish if we teamed up with the greatest authority in the field of balance — nature — to help us personally to make the best decisions for improving our lives and our planet. In his 2007 speech on the acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore said: “It is time to make peace with the planet.” To this I add: It is time to make peace with nature.

Finally let’s look at vibration and frequency with respect to living with nature. We all know now that everyone responds to music. But music played at high frequency is also very healing. And now musicians and healers are starting to blend these high frequencies into beautiful sounds that people play for higher resonance healing.

We can get into the mindset of divine love and deep peace, and offer that to your home and land.

“Divine love and deep peace manifests in every cell” is a mantra I say every night before I go to bed, to the entire property and ever resident.

And part of the success of Findhorn wasn’t in compost, it was in the healing vibrations of love they were instructed by Source, to put into the land.

Today’s Challenge

Pockets of people from all over world are finding enormous results from working with Others — whether it is the voice of Source, the Elves or the Faeries, or Nature herself. Today’s challenge is taking this teaching and figuring out how you can apply these thoughts to your own life.

At a Place of Peace, for example , we are working with the spirits of place, the tree spirits, the fae, the land, and the animals themselves to manage a very large village of animal souls in a way which best serves the whole. The farmers around us tell us we are “over-stocked,” and warn us about the degradation of the land. Our challenge is to listen to those who speak the language of silence, make our work a success, and show the farmers another way.

Conversely, we had a Landcare guy come out to see our place who didn’t care how many animals we had, because he could see there was no land degradation and the frogs were singing loudly in the creek. He wished we could steward other properties who weren’t in such good shape.

Imagine if everyone practised reverence and benevolence, and partnered with the intelligence in nature, the unseen and Source, to truly make the earth the paradise it really is.

And this comes back to holding the vision. And anchoring it.

To me, if we truly want to help our world, we have to think about the way we live with Mother earth in an entirely different way. We need to live as partners with her, not predators.

So, if you have a garden, speak with your plants, and instead of imposing your own will on how things should be, consider listening to the still small voice, and coming up with something for mutual benefit.

If you want to grow crops or vegetables for example, does the soil need something else for best production?

This same idea can be applied to your animals, your pot plants, and to your own life. Start asking questions about how to live better and in more balance and harmony.

Share any insights and aha’s you might have.