SWDtR: Day 4: The Universal Silent Language



Once upon a time, telepathy was the language everyone spoke. Humans included. I believe all humans will remember this ability as they find their way home through Remembering and Rewilding.

Telepathy is thought transference, and we can receive it on many different levels — images, words, feelings and knowing. Depending on how one individually receives information, you might be stronger in one of those at first — like feeling emotion if you are an empath, or seeing images if you are visual.

It’s wise to remember this is a language shared with all life. All life is telepathic. What people forget is how much animals, for example, read us. As will the rivers, the trees, the wind, the fire and the earth.

If we understand the intelligence and consciousness of all life, it helps us enter into a more sacred relationship. The world of telepathy allows us to understand life at a much deeper and more inclusive level.

This is not a class in telepathy, but listening to the world around us is vital to being able to co-create with the natural world. To learn the language of the animals and nature is a mark of respect for them.

One of the problems with many telepaths is the human flaw of projection. It is something to be very wary of. Instead of hearing true, the telepath projects his or her own unhealed stuff onto the being they are trying to interpret. They let their minds get in the way of the truth.  I have seen some terrible sorcery done to animals in the name of animal communication. And a lot of lives lost unnecessarily.

Many people can only “hear” at the level of their perceptions and understandings. This is why I try to help people come from an expanded mindset when I teach. Because all kinds of things are possible in this very large and intriguing world of ours, and animals and nature aren’t the inferior beings we are told they are. There is much magic, mystery, intelligence and multi-dimensional stuff going on at all times.

For example, the soul transmigrates. It is not uncommon to find someone who has been human living in a furry body for reasons of their own soul journey. Over 30 years of professional communing with animals has shown me this over and over again.

Totem’s Story

My latest story  comes from our beloved goat Totem. Found as a day-old baby, Totem filled our hearts with joy for over a decade. He preferred horses to goats, and always saw himself as a horse. In fact he refused to consider himself as a goat at all.

When he was dying, he demanded that he and I speak. And he wanted me to tell everyone his true story. Totem’s spirit was out of his body and he showed me himself as a tall, lean, silver-haired gent. He said his name was Rasputin, and he had come to us in the body of a goat to learn compassion.

I wondered if he was the Russian Rasputin I had studied in school and always been fascinated with, because he was a psychic and healer (let’s forget the other stuff). Rasputin said he was “an aspect” of him. He said he learned his lesson of compassion well, and that he also would never ride horses again, because I had shown him new respect for horse-kind. He also said he would be writing a book about me, as I would be writing a book about him.

Finally his wife came to claim him and our very long discourse was over. His goat body passed peacefully.

Seek the Highest Translation

I have long conversations also with stone people. They have been here for a very long time and are great holders of wisdom. Sometimes they get my attention just showing me shapes to get pointers from, much as a sacred bird will leave a feather. This might be a heart-shaped stone, to remind me I am loved, and that love is the key, or a stone reminding me to hold the archetype of high priestess. (Be strong, keep going.)

But again, always ask for the highest translation of the language of silence. There are some people who say they are channelling or communing, but what they are saying hurts others. And this should be the bottom line.

If it causes harm to others it is not truth, or not a truthful advice you want to follow.

This follows on from the discussion we had in 30 Days of Spiritual Wildness about discernment (Day 23).

Today’s Challenge

The best preparation you can do for heart to heart communion with animals and nature, is to learn to still the mind through meditation.  Focus inwards on your own body for feelings, and the cinema screen of your mind for images being sent.

Practise listening with your whole body.

One of the best ways of gaining skill in this is to call in the being you wish to speak with. This might be a stone which grabbed your attention, a feather, a favoured tree, or one of your animal companions.

Ask permission to practise, or simply to speak with, grab a pen and paper, relax (vital) connect with the being calling them into your field, and asking a simple question like “How are you today?,” “Do you have a message for me,” or “What can I do for you?”

Then write down the first things that come to mind.

Keep doing this. It might sound like the worst junk in the world. It might be weird. But you need to keep going. The more you do this exercise, the easier it will get.

By writing it down, you will find that the language patterns or words are different to your own, and your confidence in the skill will build.

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  • Time of the Drum   This is a journey CD which is also available to download which helps you get into the mindset for telepathic communication.
  • Secret Animal Business   This is my book about my work as an animal shaman which includes how to be more telepathic yourself.
  • Animal Shamanism Level 1 and Level 2 — for those who want to take the telepathic journey further.

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