SWDtR: Day 19: What if the World Wasn’t?

There are beautiful and wild forces within us. 
— St. Francis of Assisi

You will not break loose until you realise that you yourself forge the chains that bind you. 
— Arten, in The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary R. Renard


The process of awakening is like coming out of a long, drugged sleep. You begin to become aware of more and more deception and how the human race has been manipulated and corrupted. Our culture is like living in a mass hypnotised state, which the late spiritual author Stuart Wllde called tick-tock.

After a while, there is a new appreciation for the poets who teach us to See more clearly.

We only see what we want to see, and from our level of perception. This is why I continue to keep on a news fast, and as much as possible, a complete media fast. It’s all bad news. It’s why on the Deep Peace Trust Facebook page, I’m committed to only talking good news and positive strides.

Because what we focus on expands.

But what if we take this thought deeper?

Let’s look at the example of cars. How is it that when you decide you want a certain car or thing, they are suddenly everywhere in your field of vision?

Suddenly you See the vehicle of your desire.

The clearest example of this for me was our daughter Tamsin declaring she wanted a Jeep as her preferred vehicle. My image of a Jeep was of a run-down army vehicle. But sure enough, I began seeing modern Jeeps everywhere, when before I had seen none at all.

This is the power of the mind at work. For some it can be extremely selective as they simply don’t have the vision to See what is in front of them.

Looking Upward

So what if the world you are living in is not the true world at all?

If you start seeing cruelty and violence, it is everywhere. That is why my mother -in -spirit told me to always “look upward” and focus on beauty. She wanted me to focus on my spiritual growth above everything else, and not get entangled in the ugly side of earth life.

I realise that she was right. While you might inspire others along the way, the quest for self-mastery is a positive action for those who desire social change, for what we hold within, is reflected out in the world.  The world outside mirrors parts of ourselves inside.  We can’t separate ourselves from something we are all connected to. It’s the web of life.

We see this often when our things start to break down. The connection to life all around us is really evident then, because if we scratch beneath the surface you can see something in yourself related to why the breakdown outside occurred.

My favourite story of this was being shuttled to a shamanic retreat in a USA desert by a very angry driver. He was so hot under the collar, and when he had me alone as the last passenger, his angry talk gave way to sexual talk. I knew my cottage at my destination was isolated, and my roommates weren’t arriving till the next day. My thoughts were focussed on not getting into a potentially dangerous situation.

But the guy’s vehicle saved me. It, too, got “hot under the collar,” and we were forced to take a break at the next petrol station. His entire focus was then on his , and the money it would cost to fix it. Strangely, the vehicle miraculously got me to my cottage, where the guy quickly dumped me and my bags, and sped away to take care of his car. I thanked that shuttle car big time, silently and from my heart.

We have been fed many lies and conditioned to Iive a certain way. Television keeps people seeng a way of life that “should” be, and fluoride and other mass mind drugs, complete with fear and survival, keep people compliant and resonating at a low level. The whole factory farming/eat the flesh of your brothers and sisters thing is really an evil deception, which keeps humans vibrationally dense, and far from evolving and seeing the higher truths. If we are going for purity of spirit, and wide open hearts, how can you have that while hurting others so horribly, especially when we are all so connected?

What If the World Was Perfect?

So what if the world was actually perfect and this was just a collective dream? How do we shift the nightmare?

There’s an old story about a tribe of people standing on the beach not understanding what they were seeing. That roughness of the water. Must be a big fish. But it’s weird. What is that thing? They called the tribal shaman, who realised it was a ship with humans on it. The people had no frame of reference for what they were Seeing and therefore couldn’t See it for the truth of what it was.

Just sit with that thought for a minute.  Because they didn’t know what it was, they couldn’t see it for what it was.

Right now, there is a lot of talk of “disclosure”. But many peoples believe that that ETs have been among us forever. I’ve even seen photographs of giant nine-foot tall “men” who lived outside Italy around the time of WWII. They came to visit for a while.

The thing is, if like the ancient tribal people we don’t know what we are seeing, how will we See them?

If what we look at changes by the process of observation, and we are programmed to see things a certain way, couldn’t there be something else in the place where you were looking, changed by the perception you hold?  And conversely, by holding a high perception of life, perhaps what you See changes for the better??

If we don’t know to use our intention to anchor in a divine template for golden age living, how will it ever come into being?

If we keep on the loop of perpetuating the violence by stapling that violence into our consciousness over and over, how can we escape into real deep peace for all species?

What we focus on expands. And that is the Universal Law of Attraction.

Once upon a time there was no violence. Animals didn’t eat each other. Killing each other wasn’t heard of. But today the collective is fed constant violence, and humans believe it is a “right” to take the life of another. They are so entrapped and enmeshed in the culture of killing and low frequency, they can’t see how brainwashed they are.

Peace Warriors

This is where peace warriors come in, the sensitives who woke up because they were empaths and psychics, the shamans who had different perceptions of the world because they travelled on the beat of the drum, the brave band of rebels who broke the spell.

But what has happened is that there are now pockets of people who hold the awakening in one area, but not necessarily in another. The phenomenon of spiritual people still engaged in flesh eating is one example.

What my guides have said is that we all have to come together like a patchwork quilt, weaving the threads together to See the whole truth. That of course requires people being open to receiving truths.

Haleaka Iolani Pule Dooley (“Aka” for short), a Hawaiian kahuna (shaman) who I interviewed for our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon, talked about the new earth as a time when, ”Those that are above shall come down. Those that are below shall rise up.”

Now that they have been talked about, more and more people are hearing about the  people who live in the Hollow Earth, in places like Telos at Mt. Shasta and others.  There are many others.  Of course the legends of the Tuatha de Daanan have been sung and talked about for centuries.  When I asked if they would be living among us in physical form again, I was told ‘no.. you have to rise up to meet us.”

And that is of course, the premise behind the whole New Earth/Ascension idea.For humans to become “homo luminous” , living as higher vibrating sentient beings, in their earthly temples  (bodies), from their hearts, not their minds.

I always thought the Prophecy of Peace was a given, and it disturbed me no end that the entertainment industry always painted pictures of the future as a holocaust not as Beauty.  Because they weren’t aware of the possibility of a new way, and fed their own fears back into the collective fear. Thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And we were alarmingly off track at one point.  And when I heard that, I realised we all had to work harder to shift the collective, by working on ourselves, opening that heart up,  and sharing our journey and realisations and light.

This is a rare, indeed unprecedented  (as far as we know) opportunity to take a quantum leap in evolution out of the Dark Ages and into the Age of Light. Or Delight, as the Fae call it.  And if we want it to happen, we need to anchor it into our own consciousness. And live it with our loving kindness, our loving hearts. Our courageous compassion.

Perhaps, because people are starting to wake up and rebel, new truths will filter into the mass consciousness, and new solutions and new visions.

Or perhaps there is only one truth — as Keats said in his poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn“:

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

The Pineal Gland —

I just wanted to make a quick aside to talk about this.  Also known as the Third Eye, the pineal gland calcifies in the presence of fluoride. The internet is now filled with ways to decalcify, from upping your green smoothies, to sun gazing, eating organic, and more. But if you are using a fluoride toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water, switch. There are plenty of alternative toothpastes on the market .

Fluoride was used by Hitler to keep people compliant.

Keeping the third eye of the populous calcified engenders weight gain, thyroid issues, confusion, mental disorders, and low IQ, among other symptoms.

It also contributes to keeping people cut off from the spiritual planes of existence. Descartes called the pineal gland the principle seat of the soul. It’s active in dreaming, meditation and spiritual experiences.

There are two points I want to make here. First, the name “pineal” is because the gland resembles a pine cone. So there is the link to the pine family again. When cut open, it resembles an eye. Hence the name third eye.

And second, ancient spiritual traditions know its value in the human experience. If a higher evolved species bring peace to all, why is fluoride on the market at all? Why is it in our water supply?

Note: our daughter Tamsin was brought up with no fluoride — no toxic toothpaste, no toxic drinking water. At 21, she has no cavities at all. So fluoride helping teeth cavities is a myth as well. It would be better if people didn’t eat so much refined sugar, but that, of course, runs counter to the materialism of money at any cost.

And so we have to continue the tradition of the “counter-culture” for the awakening tribes – being discerning, listening to our heart intelligence, and getting clearer and clearer through shedding our emotional baggage, clearing our karma through forgiveness, embracing acceptance, opening our hearts, and allowing the path to appear as we say yes to our spiritual growth.

Today’s Challenge

Negative programming starts from the moment we are born, and it is hard conditioning to crack. But the best way of creating a world of non-violence is to dream it in, and embody it with your joyous feelings.

“Dreaming,” in this context, is purposeful creating.

You have to put aside the conditioning of all the bad news, and know the world is a truly beautiful place where all species live in loving peace. Give it your focussed attention. Know this world already exists.

When you are out in a world that might not yet have caught up with your dream of beauty, then the bubbly excitement, heartfelt appreciation, gratitude, and still certainty you carry inside will affect the mass consciousness.

Stay in positive activism. Excitement is contagious.

 I just saved 10 trees and planted 10 more! Wow that felt so good!!

I just saved ten puppies from death throw! Wahoo! My heart is overflowing. They are adorable.

I just started vegan cooking classes — in schools, for meditators, for the military! Wahoo — they LOVE my cooking!

I just started a yoga class where we all envision a perfect world for the highest good of all!! Wow its dynamic!

I just organised all the local kids to clean up the beach, and they created a petition to ban plastic! Wahooooo!

How good does this feel?

Creatively create a picture of peace through whichever medium you are divinely inspired, from painting or writing to collage and cross stitch. Make it a point of focus, so it is easier not to get lost in the murky waters of what our current reality is. The more of us who focus on divine love, deep  peace, beauty and deep peace for all, the more it will resonate out into the world.. and become so.

Remember it only takes a few who walk with hearts open and a focus on beauty to affect many. Raise our vibration through our hearts!!!

Here’s to anchoring in a divine template of love, peace, beauty and harmony for the highest good of all concerned.


The film Pleasantville from 1998 explores the notion of “What if another world existed that was in colour instead of black-and-white.” It just takes someone who knows the truth (coming from the world of colour) to be the rebel who changes the world for everyone.

This is just one of the many resources about Telos, Mt. Shasta, The Lumerian Connection