SWDtR: Day 17: The Tranquility of Knowing Your Soul Purpose

 “Let the beauty we love, be what we do.”
— Rumi, quoted from The Essential Rumi, New Expanded Edition

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, quoted from The Very Best of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today I wanted to address soul purpose, because a lot of people who feel called to serve get stuck over the idea of soul purpose, and this course encourages you to awaken, remember your true authentic wildness, and be a warrior for peace. Soul purpose gives you clarity, focus and direction.

We need the warrior archetype at the moment, because there is so much chaos here at the end of an old paradigm that we need to be strong and serene in the face of it more than ever. Who else to be a lighthouse, than those who truly care about the planet and our brothers and sisters — the animal kin? Who else to be a warrior than those who have learned the art of stillness in the face of this chaos?

A sense of soul purpose brings us an inner strength, tranquility and focus. The path might be windy and filled with potholes, but we know we are here for a reason, and that gives us an inner light which acts as a rudder, steering us true north.

We are on a path to raise our frequency through shedding out past, and to merge with our higher self. We become a finely honed divine instrument of love, a diamond shining our light to help others See through the darkness.

The pursuit of a purpose can organize an entire life, imparting not only meaning and exhilaration but also motivation for learning and achievement. 
– William Damon, from The Path to Purpose

“Before you can help others, you need to understand them. Before your understand them, you need to understand yourself. Then you will know how to exert the right leverage at the right place and the right time. The more clarity and courage your actions reflect, the more impact your efforts will have.”
— Socrates in Dan MIllman’s Everyday Enlightenment

In Seneca’s essay on tranquility, he uses the Greek word, euthymia, which he defines as ‘believing in yourself and trusting that you are on the right path, and not being in doubt by following the myriad footpaths of those wandering in every direction.’ It is this state of mind, he says, that produces tranquility.

Clarity of vision allows us to have this belief. That’s not to say we’re always going to be 100 percent certain of everything, or that we even should be. Rather, it’s that we can rest assured we’re heading generally in the right direction—that we don’t need to constantly compare ourselves with other people or change our mind every three seconds based on new information.

Instead, tranquility and peace are found in identifying our path and in sticking to it: staying the course—making adjustments here and there, naturally—but ignoring the distracting sirens who beckon us to turn toward the rocks.
– Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, The Daily Stoic

Finding our Soul Purpose

Ignoranti quem portum petat, nullus suus ventus est.
If a man does not know to what port he is steering, no wind is favourable to him.
— Seneca. Epistolae, LXXI., 3.

The more we strip off our conditioning and have the courage to embrace who we came here to be, the more the light will shine and the easier it will be to feel the peace and certainty that you are on the right track.

Today we will explore three possible ways to get clarity on your soul purpose:

  • Numerology
  • Incarnation
  • Celestial Parents


There are many books on numerology, but simply, the numbers of your name and date of birth are the simplest clues to your soul’s desire for you this lifetime.

So let’s explore the meaning of your birthdate. When you add the numbers up from left to right, you’ll get the total number — and this is clue number one: why your soul chose to be born on that particular day. It’s not an accident.

If your number equals 25 for instance, you add those two numbers together to make a seven. And then look at the number 7. The only time you don’t do that is if you have a master number of 11 or 22.

if you don’t have a numerology book, my best go to place is Joanna at Sacred Scribes.

My life path is a 3 (based on my birthdate), so self-expression is important to me, as is humour. That should have been enough to tell me I was on the right track. But there was something missing.

For decades.

And then a numerologist suggested looking at the numerology of my full original name (which I always disliked, and thought mum and dad were silly for naming me), I realised it was the missing piece of the puzzle that was me. I had new gratitude for mum and dad. My original name came to be an 11 number — a master number — all about spirituality, enlightenment, vision, ideals, self-expression and teaching.

My current name (Billie Dean) is a 1, which is about leadership and pioneering. So putting it all together, inspiring people to deeper spirituality through my self-expression is pretty spot. And that truly is what comes out through my work naturally, which is the point of this lesson. To get clarity around your natural gifts which might not fit into any societal box at all. You have to find creative ways to be yourself in the world.

Here’s how to read your original full name:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
a b c d e f g h i
j k l m n o p q r
s t u v w x y z

So, “Billie Dean” is  2 + 9 + 3 + 3 + 9 + 5 + 4 + 5 + 1 + 5 = 46

4 + 6 = 10

1 + 0 = 1

That’s me as a 1.

Add the numbers up and if you don’t have a book on numerology, again, see Joanna Sacred Scribes.

Have fun with this.


Spiritual Author Doreen Virtue has written three little books on Incarnation, each being an update on the other. She discovered that people tended to fall into groups of incarnating angels (kind people, usually heavy-set) elemental (smaller and fiercely protective of animals and nature), Wise Folk (usually grey haired, tall and a bit tired), and then lots and lots of others.  She kept finding more and hence the procession of books.

When I attended a class of Doreen’s in Sydney, there were 500 people there. To prove her theory, she read out the characteristics of each main group and had them go meet each other. As I spoke to the wind, I thought I was a Wise person for sure. But three separate strangers told me where the elementals were meeting, and that I was heading in the wrong direction to join them. I look like an elemental! When I arrived at the Wise People’s gathering, I felt no rapport at all with these tall, grey streaked beings, and hurried off to meet with other elementals under the trees (of course) immediately feeling kinship. I could see there were all kinds of different elementals and fae folk gathered. It was pretty remarkable.

Check out Doreen’s book in the Resources below – and figure out if you have an incarnation category.

Meeting your Celestial Parents

Obviously you aren’t really just a human. You are a soul inhabiting a human body for a time to have the experience of being human on this wonderful planet called Earth.

So today we will do a process to meet your celestial parents and ask them the question — what is my soul purpose?

Today’s Challenge

Please figure out the numerology of your name and birth date, looking up the numerological meaning of those numbers .. and see if it shines a light on who you are.

Think about your human body type, and how you are in the world  I do tend to attract other fae, elves and elementals to my work – and we can be all sizes, but we definitely have a love of nature and animals.  But you might be a mer person, or a wise person, or an earth angel… it’s fun and also gives you some insights into why you are here.

Guided Meditation

Open sacred space (Day 16) and get comfortable for meditation. Take some deep relaxing, cleansing breaths.   You are going to go backwards in time, to yourself as a baby in your mother’s arms,  a baby in the womb, and before you were born, way before you were born, into the celestial heavens, to a celestial waterfall where your celestial parents, not your earth parents, are there to greet you. Allow time for your reunion.

Ask them what your soul purpose is. Can they answer that question for you? Is there anything else they want to tell you?

Thank them for their time, and for helping you with your mission. Offer them a gift in return. Say your farewells. And start coming back into this time and place, this room, rubbing your hands together and your feet on the floor.

Write it down in your journal and share with us if you like.

Close sacred space.