SWDtR: Day 15: Being an Ultra-Sensitive

Me, the Ultra-Sensitive

I grew up in a farming community as an ultra-sensitive, with the words “You are too sensitive” as my on-going shame. How dare I be so sensitive, so freaky, so wrong, so worrying.

Even at school, my English teacher, on hearing I was to be a journalist, looked at me in horror, and said, “You will have to wear a bubble of protection as armour when you go out into the world.”

I had no idea what she was talking about then. But now I see some of my teachers were pretty switched on. Another one told me to look in the mirror and say, “I am getting better and better every day.” Now I look at that statement and just feel sad. I ran into that teacher at the theatre years later. I was an actress then. She told me she had never felt the need to say that to any student or anyone before or after me.

The song of too sensitive followed me into my early 30s. Nothing stopped the sensitivity. It simply increased.

But one day Andrew found me the book Are You Really Too Sensitive?: How to Understand and Develop Your Sensitivity As the Strength It Is by Marcy Calhoun. She says:

Ultra-sensitivity is an acquired talent or skill that can be learned by anyone through one life or many lifetimes. Balanced, centered ultra-sensitives are the next step in the evolution of human-kind.


Now that’s a different way to look at your ultra-sensitivity, isn’t it.

The ultra-sensitive can become easily overwhelmed, especially if you don’t understand your sensitivity.

Marcy says to say:

I do not wish to experience this at this time.

Repeat until the experience stops. And then say your name for calm, strength, to fill the void, and to stabilise your world until you feel relaxed and complete.

I wish I’d had that tool when I was a little girl!

And to stabilise the world by invoking your own name, shows the power of your name, and the malleable nature of the world.

Marcy goes on to say that you can call back the experience if and when you want to:

Learn to use the power of your words. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

You, the Ultra-Sensitive

Right now, we are in the midst of incredible turmoil and many of you are increasing the refinement of your energy fields. You are sensitives and ultra-sensitives. You are the new human. You are in the process of remembering your wildness and finding new ways of being in the world. That’s exciting. But your sensitivity needs to be seen and felt as your strength, not your weakness.

Being ultra-sensitive means you also have psychic gifts. You may feel the odd one out, but know there is a tribe of us all over the world — the pioneers. You may feel like you have a destiny. And you do. To be the change. To become you.

Here are Marcy’s Techniques to bring out, enhance or balance your ultra-sensitivity.

  1. Listen to your words, they are creating your life.
  2. Trust yourself and trust what you feel/know/see.
  3. Make a commitment to be seen and visible.
  4. Be who you are.
  5. Ask for what you want.
  6. Respect other ultra-sensitives, even if they have not achieved as much as you have.
  7. Do not judge yourself or others .

Just because you are recognising yourself as a new human doesn’t mean you’ve made it (sorry!). If the world still needs changing, you still need changing. This is where you use your intent to change and you educate your finely tuned senses to steer clear of old negative loops and patterns. Mastery is important for sensitives, because sensitives are the new leaders to awaken and inspire others. We are the trackers through the wilderness who come back to the tribe and tell them what we have found. We put down new tracks through the wilderness, so others can follow.

Today’s Challenge 

1. It’s time to check in with you. Pain is nature’s way of speaking, so if you have pain or a health challenge of some kind, take some time out to try to get to the core. Do some automatic writing around it. Maybe journey inside to ask the pain what it wants.

2. If you are stuck in the same old loop, it’s time to jump tracks and create your way out of the maze keeping you held. Maybe write a story about what you want, rather than where you are now. Writing it down is a way to anchor yourself in the unified field. Combine that with speaking out loud, feeling and chanting, and you can harness the power of the mind to shift onto the new track of your desire. Writing what you want is okay, but you must desire it, not need or want it. Desire and gratitude lifts the frequency to excitement and anticipation, and the deliciousness of knowing that it has already happened — that’s the energy you need to create what you want and need. The strained energy of want and need simply pushes that which you are seeking away.

The desire mind you can be light as a feather— a moment’s thought. And it comes to you. Be conscious of what you are creating!

3. Think about Marcy’s advice about being visible. What does that mean for you? How can you be more Seen, so others can See your Light?