SWDtR: Day 13: A Deeper Appreciation of Trees

There is something magical and mystical about trees, and it was the ability to commune with them and my respect, admiration and love for them, that took me into studying Celtic Druidry.

There is so much to say about Druids and Trees and the special reverence and relationship between them, but today I want to introduce you to a little of their magic, so that you, too, can have a deeper appreciation.

There are a number of sacred trees to the Celts, but today we will examine the pine. When we delve beyond the surface and start to look at the nature of the ancients, we begin to wind this magic into our every day wildness from our growing awareness.


I love pine trees, and I was determined to find a home with pines already growing. My desire for a weatherboard house on stilts with pine trees, was part of my “already-knowing” the future I was to inhabit, even though I didn’t know at the time.

In the original symbol for the Deep Peace Trust (above), I chose the pine in a circle on a still lake with two birds flying. This is very Druidic symbology. The pine is evergreen, and thus a symbol of longevity. And I wanted our work to have longevity.

Thriving as it does in tough weather and soil, it becomes a symbol of endurance and determination, and its tall, straight nature marks it as a tree to be trusted.

And truly, with my own friendship with pines, their spirits have never guided me wrong. They are deeply wise and form strong connections with each other.

Pines can reach ages of 600 years. They are descendants of primeval forests.

Pine is a powerful bronchial disinfectant, it’s antiseptic, and helpful in the treatment of bladder and kidney problems.

Pine incense gum clears a place of negative energies. You can also use oil of Pine in the bath to work their magic on negativity, allowing all toxins to flow out and down the drain. Rinse off.

Further, pines are protective warrior trees, helping to disperse the negative energies of anyone entering your property, when you plant them at the gateway. We planted some at the front gate of our place, and there was already two pencil pines, guarding my healing room, which is away from the house.

Sadly cut down as Christmas Trees and decorated with tinsel, most people are unaware of their powerful symbolism of hope and endurance due to the pine’s evergreen nature. As Christmas comes around the time of the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and most European trees lose their leaves, you can imagine how an evergreen would have been welcomed. Plus, winter is the time for colds and flu, so this beautiful tree offered itself as medicine as well. Bringing the pine into the home also helped people feel safer, as they felt she/he protected them from the darkness of the height of the winter cold, a time when low frequency (negativity) might attract the ghouls.

Today’s Challenge

The human species is a race of takers from the animal and natural world, so it is up to the Sensitive tribes to make new habits for the other earth people to follow.

Quiet yourself for meditation, call in the spirit of pine, and ask the pine “what can I do for you”, giving thanks for all she/he has given us in the past, and appreciation for what she/he is now. Truly the pine is not the pest modern man sadly considers them to be, but wise and generous.

Instead of using pine needles or pine resin (unless they are on the ground), consider calling the Spirit of Pine to help with healing and protection. This is the true way of the Wild Elf Fae where we truly harm none. Perhaps you could ask forgiveness of the tree on behalf of humans, as well as gratitude, and with permission, ask for a message