SWDtR: Day 12: Improv on Paper

Today we are going to try improv on paper as a fun thing to do, and also to help develop the psychic senses.

If you can still the chattering mind, leave Mr and Mrs Doubt outside, and just play with writing down the first thing which comes to mind without thinking, then you are on the way to learning how to be a channel for the Divine.

Improv is an awesome tool for this. And let’s emphasise the world play!

Once you learn to listen and honour whatever is coming through, you will be able to do automatic writing.

My first experience of automatic writing was in England when a psychic channelled five foolscap pages from my late mother. It was pretty awesome. I was surprised to find the same gift emerging from me just a few years later when I had agreed to write improvised poetry to raise money for the Maori community in Sydney.

The very nature of improv is to channel, not think. The voice which comes through you is always so much better than your own.

It’s about trust. It’s about going with the flow. And it is about the process of discovery. What is going to come out today?

So Andrew and I were writing poems. But the girl across from me was started when I spontaneously started channelling her dead relatives and not writing poems at all. Suddenly I had a long line of people wanting me to channel for them. And it came, effortless advice from people they recognised — loved ones in spirit.

Doing this challenge may not suddenly make you a channel for the other worlds. But it might help you break down some of your resistance to listening from and to your heart.

And it could be fun!

Today’s Challenge

1. Get a notebook and a pen.

You are going to write a story for 60 seconds on a title yet to be revealed, without thinking, and writing as fast as you can. Let your hand write for you. No one is going to see this. It might be terrible. I don’t care and neither should you. The exercise is to write what you see or hear or feel.

So it could be like this:

Title: The Rag Doll

Her name was Peggy. She was the same size as me and had blonde plaits and freckles like I did. She was the only friend I had. Her and Teddy and my dog Pip.


She flopped like a rag doll and it terrified me. Was the lamb dying? I quickly gave her a suitcase of superman costumes. And the next thing I knew. She was recovered. Her old self, she was not. She was wearing the suit, and flying.

This is an exercise in letting the imagination go wild.

So, ready?

The title is: The Brown Fox and the Black Cat


2. Now you are going to write, without thinking and as fast as you can, for two minutes — a story entitled “The Girl and the Unicorn.”


3. This story is for three minutes — and the title is, “The Red Banana and the Yellow Grape.”