SWDtR: Day 1: Turning the World Right-Side Up


Thank you so much for having the courage and the heart to join us as we make personal changes to shine a little more light on the collective. We all have to take responsibility for what is happening in the world today, to find where we hold all those things unlike love, and shine some light on them.

When I studied with the Q’ero of South America, they told of a time when the world would be turned upside down. A time of chaos and upheaval in the years from 2012. To me, this is all part of the Prophecy of Peace (a Golden Age like no other) that so many indigenous and others talk about and it is now unfolding. What the Q’ero meant is that the world would be turned right-side up, because let’s face it, from the perspective of the Ones Who Care, our world is pretty upside down at the moment. Materialism, industrialism, keeping up with the Jones’, disposable society, lack of respect, bullying, predatory games, power playing, Big Pharma, and the big tip-off — failure to protect the environment, the animals, and the vulnerable in our world.

So the opportunity in this current challenge we face is to help the world turn right-side up again. The Q’ero also said it would be people from the West who would be instrumental in helping that happen — the new paco or shaman.

These are all the people who Remember how to be Wild — to walk the misty paths and journey the inner realms to find their true authentic self , and use this ability to travel to the Otherworlds for healing. and guidance.  It is the healing, nurturing and reverential understanding of the truth of animals and nature that will help tip the world back to its rightful balance.

The Shamanic Path

The word “shaman” comes from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. It essentially means “spiritual healer” — and there have been shaman in every culture around the globe.

The shaman is usually born to this task, or called to it through a great initiation of personal suffering. Shamanic lore says the spirits choose a shaman to be of service to their community. It’s not something we choose for ourselves. However the shamanic path, in my opinion, like the Druid path, takes us out of ordinary reality and helps us learn there is so much more to living, than the life society currently dictates. This path helps us Remember who we are at our core, and reminds us of our deep kinship with nature and animals.

Many shamanic paths still teach you to honour animals, but tell you it is okay to eat them — something I strongly disagree with. They may even tell you it is the sacred “give away” from the animals.  I understand this thinking but no animal today that  I have come across  wants to “give away” their life to be eaten by humans, in a sacred way or not.

For me, that is a spell of darkness many are still under, and it keeps perpetuating a world of violence and entitlement that sits counter to a world living in humble reverence, harmony and sacred exchange.  Many inspired poets and philosophers have understood this through time and tried to steer humanity to the light. But the spell and the addiction has been too strong.

Until now.

Now there is an increasing surge of compassion and empathy for our animal brothers and sisters with people wanting to stop the suffering and cruelty they go through every single day.  This rise in compassion and empathy shows a rise in evolutionary consciousness as people rise up and throw off the shackles for not just the foul acts of torture and slaughter, but they are awakening to the slavery humanity themselves has been subjected to in the world spiritual teacher and author Stuart Wild, called “tick tock”.

If we are to have the Prophecy of Peace, we cannot continue to walk in violence. And eating the flesh of our brothers and sisters, is a violent act. If you need further understanding of the violence of meat eating you need go no further than your local “butcher”.  Think about what that word means.  To butcher.  Butchering is a violence.  And “slaughter:”  That’s a violent act too.  To take the life of another is a violence that humans have been duped into thinking is okay.

So, welcome to the New Shamanism, a path of the heart from the Wild Elfin Fae, which calls for compassionate people with vision to be strong in the face of the falling old paradigm. The warriors for peace. Thank you for being here.

Your soul signed you up to be part of the great Turning the elders talk about — the world turning right-side up. Because this time is now. This time it will be the people who understand the nature of reality, the awakened ones who hold reverence and loving kindness as their “faith” and nature as their “temple.”

Those who are completely inclusive of all life on this planet. Because all life is precious. Including farm animals.

Not a single creature deserves to be mistreated, or abused. Not one. 
— Anthony Douglas Williams

In this course we will be continuing our journey of expanding our awareness and moving through the healing and growth this awareness ultimately brings. We can look at ourselves reflected in the mixing pot of madness that is the current reality, and know the inner work we still have to do.

Each of us has come here for a reason at this time — to work etherically to anchor the light, hold the new vision of a world in balance, or to physically help others in whatever way unique to them calls them.

Shamanic Viewpoint

So why is the shamanic viewpoint so important?

Traditionally, the shaman were often the medicine people who were the bridge between this world and the next, speaking with those on the other side and understanding the nature of healing and the language of the trees, plants, animals, stones, rivers, the wind, the fire and the earth Herself.

Today, the word “shaman” has been bandied about in New Age circles and everyone has a slightly different take on what it means. I personally bring the perspective of the Wild Elf Fae to my shamanism, and developed this New Shamanism which contains Celtic/Druidic threads and a way of walking in the world based on the Hindi idea of ahimsa, honouring all life and understanding that when you hurt others, you hurt yourself because we are all part of the web of life.

This is a gentle path of reverence and benevolence for all life, with the aim of becoming the best we can be, so that we may become the light the world needs right now.

Many of us have been hibernating for many years, but now is the time for action. And with the new year (a new cycle, with 2017 being, numerologically, a “1” year), it is time for us to pick up the mantel for the roles we were born to do.

A Little About Me

I was one of those old souls who Remembered, and if I had been born into an old indigenous community of some sort, I would have been Seen as a shaman or bard, priestess or druid to be scooped up and trained for the tribe. Instead I grew up in a farming community where people just thought I was weird.

Growing up in a farming community as an ultra-sensitive telepathic empath was a real challenge, because while I remembered to apologise to the Stone People I tripped over, and heard the conversations of the wind and the trees and the animals, and the fae, I coudn’t remember why I could, or more to the point, why others could not. I had no context for what my sensitivity meant.  Grandmother Pine would offer me hours of refuge, high in her branches, away from the other humans who I struggled to understand. Years later, I learned sitting in trees for hours was common among the Celtic shaman.

I can remember wondering why my fellow humans were so violent and loud. Why couldn’t they hear the trees, rocks and animals talking, and often screaming? Why didn’t they care?

It seemed so harsh to me. But I was the “wrong” one. The “odd” one. The one who didn’t fit. I was “too sensitive.” Perhaps many of you had similar childhoods.

I grew up a teen who loved the solitude of surfing and walking and writing, and even though I had no intentions of being a “medicine woman,” nor knew what that was, I wanted to be a vet or a writer. And I told everyone that when I was 10. My high school headmistress told me I would never be a vet because I was a girl. As it turned out, I sucked at science and excelled in English and became a journalist in the entertainment industry, studying all kinds of fascinating healing modalities at night. So in the end, my 10-year-old me was right. healing animals (through modalities and also animal communication), and writing everything from journalism to theatre and TV, film and children’s books, was how my life evolved.

Being “different” led me to follow my heart down ancient pathways which resonated, especially when “harm none” meant “harm none.” I was often puzzled and hurt by a world who coudn’t hear or remember. The pain of our Otherkin was and is unbearable, and the voice I found when I was eight grew in strength.

Speaking out for the oppressed in a world which has forgotten isn’t a jolly road.

But in this time of Patchakuti, of turning the world right-way up. It has never been more important. We must stand in solidarity with our Mother the Earth, and our brothers and sisters of the animals and nature kingdoms.

The Divine Feminine

The path I offer today is the tip of a very large iceberg. And even among the Ones on the path to Remembering, not all are inclusive of all life in their envisioning of a new world. But as I have said over and over, the animals, plants and otherworld beings belong to this planet also. It’s their home.

And to turn this upside-down patriarchal world right-side up, we have to know the Divine Feminine as a nurturer not a hunter. When She takes the helm, She is inclusive. She cares, has compassion, and is loving-kindness to every single soul. She brings respect and reverence to all life, knowing all life is precious.

When the Divine Feminine is in charge, the world will be thinking very differently about life.

And just to be clear, the Divine Feminine resides in all of us, as does the Divine Masculine. We all know men can be incredible nurturers. What will change is the expectations of society. Already, people are waking up to the questionable idea of ownership for example. How can you own another soul?

I love the Quechuan phrase for “having.” Instead of saying they “had” or “owned” a dog, their phrase would translate as “this beautiful gift of a dog is with me.” Or “this beautiful gift of a horse is with me.” There is no ownership in that— just a mutual belonging. Two beloveds joined together for an earth walk.

From my experience of communicating with animals all over the world, it’s clear that they choose us, even if we think we are choosing them to live with us. Telepathy is a subtle influence from the animal world, calling for help, appealing to the heart intelligence, coming into dreams.  Their sacred “give-away” to us sometimes is to be a soul in a furry body which teaches us to open our heart and love more fully.

One day, we will have a world that is kind to all species and understanding of their truths.

The message from my own elders-in-spirit for the times we live in, is the word “solidarity.”

According to Wikipedia, solidarity is unity. It refers to the ties in a society that bind people together as one.

So the elders want us to unite in solidarity to bring forth the new world of deep peace for all species, which is the vision and mission of the Deep Peace Trust and its sacred sanctuary for animals, A Place of Peace, which provides animals a refuge from a world where, sadly, few still respect them or understand who they really are.

This sanctuary anchors the light of the Divine Template for the new era of peace. Further its residents create a resonance of deep peace which ripples out into the quantum unified field. In the physical, this palpable peace is what every animal yearns for — the right to live their life, with their families, the way they want. A true “eden” for all life, living in harmony.

This is one of the ways our family is living the great turning, and thus contributing to it. We are also running these classes, writing, and making indie films which express the ideals of a world set to rights.

The challenge for today is to ask yourself how you can also support the process of change. Can you stand in solidarity with us? Let’s express the Divine templates of a new era together. Hold the light!

The eyes of the Future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time.
— Terry Tempest Williams


1. Think back to your childhood. What are two things you wanted to do when you grew up? What hobby did you have? What did you love doing? What was your favourite game to play?

Is there something in that which you can examine today — because children, when still authentic, often remember why they came here.

I came as a healer, storyteller, reporter. What form that takes is up to me. And when I was a child, I expressed that as wanting to be a writer and a vet. The healer in me determines my writing. The animal healer determines my activism. Perhaps my new role will be telling the new story of the world.

So think of your childhood dreams and desires and see how you might dust them off  and revisit them in a fresh way. This is really important because I believe we all came here with gifts for this time, many of which have become lost through conditioning. Did you want to be a ballerina or a fire fighter or a vet?  A ballerina dream might be saying something about the physical body and its grace, and the desire to uplift or tell stories through dance and movement. A fire fighter might be wanting to protect others, or be a warrior for peace. A vet might want to work with animals helping them through providing healing and nurturing.

Make a list of Spirit’s hints to you about where to direct your beautiful gifts and talents.

2. How are you expressing the Divine Feminine and helping to usher the new world in? What positive things can you do to turn the world right way up? From anchoring the light, to holding the vision, to writing, painting, holding gatherings? Teaching people meditation, kind food, yoga, dance, If each one of us remembers who we really are, and what we brought with us, we can all contribute to the natural turning just by being ourselves. And it is al important.. so don’t think that working etherically, anchoring the light and holding the vision, is any less important than using other gifts and talents you might have.

3. Can you recognise parts of yourself that are in the collective shadow? Sit with this for some time. We are all responsible for what is happening in the world, because we hold it. What most triggers you about what is happening today? Ask yourself why? Forgive, let go, shine light on it. Acknowledgement is often all we need to do to walk forward in peace.