21 December 2018

This solstice I’m holding space and helping trapped and shattered souls move forward out of the trash heap that is the Singleton aerial cull of beautiful wild noble horses. They went ahead with it on Wednesday, killed 150 ponies who had lived there since the 1970s, including pregnant mares and foals at foot. Then they buried them, dead or not. This killing, this sickening act, ignited a cold fire of fury inside me. This horrible act is the dark in action. It is simply unacceptable. And we will rise against it.

This was the message from the Mother Brumby who came forward in my ceremony in the wee hours this morning. I was heartbroken as I helped their souls cross but she was radiant. She said their sacrifice was to activate our hearts and souls. To call us to action. She was waiting for her foal to join her. And then he did.

I can’t believe humans will never see these part Welsh ponies again in the landscape. I feel empty with loss. And the fury is burning a bright flame for action.

This solstice is a rare opportunity to finalise things which no longer serve us. The Dark no longer serves us. There has been an increase in dark entities acting out, and people just not being aware. If you want to know if you have an entity, just do a kinesiology test or dowse for it. And if you do, send them to the light with love. And please do not seek the help of practitioners who don’t work in a loving way. Violence is never needed. Ever. It has no place in an era of peace.

So be vigilant and discerning. Now is not the time to forget your protection or get sucked in by someone still preaching and acting the old paradigm. This includes spiritual teachers who talk the talk, but dont walk it.

We are here to protect the Earth and ALL her inhabitants. That is our true purpose. We are here to ensure they thrive, so we can too. That’s because we are all connected. Human beings are wiping out other species faster than a speeding train. It ends now. It ends with this solstice.


This solstice — winter or summer — do a fire ceremony and burn away the old paradigm of fear, hate, stress, worry, lack, violence and barbaric acts. Use the double power of the full moon and the solstice to cleanse this out of ourselves and the collective.

And then light a candle for the light. Imagine lights from the Volunteer Protectors who are here from the stars, from the fae, from other dimensions and realities as well as the earth, standing together all over the world and lighting up the planet. Forget dreaming the new world into being. Now we need to be the new world.

This is the time to remember that we are the change makers. Not someone out there. It is us. This s why we are here. Standing together. Compassion is rising like a shooting star. This is the New era. Now.

Make the solstice Day One of our new reality of kindness, compassion and Divine Love and Deep Peace where ALL beings feel safe to enjoy their beautiful earthly existence.

And please, let’s move on from clinging on to the old paradigm that it’s okay for some animals to die for us. Or to entertain us. Or by entertaining us. It is not. They have their own sovereignty and it is time we took a step back and respected that. Plus, there is no such thing as “farm animals”. It is all part of the lie being fed to us to keep the world in chaos.

The truth lies in the word ahimsa, of not harming at all, even in thought. When we harm others in any way, shape, or form, it reverberates through the multiverse and it hurts us. It hurts you. How do you feel when you hear of an animal in pain? Bad, right? It is not human nature to want to hurt animals. It is definitely not fae nature or star person nature either. All this pain is causing a mire of pain and low frequency. It has to end. It’s time for peace.

Together we can make a difference. And we will.

And so it is.