Rainbow Fianna: Wisdom School for Earthkeepers

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For animals to be truly happy and healthy, it is important that we listen to their concerns and desires.Sometimes there is a higher reason for behaviour or illnesses. Like I am fond of saying “all behaviour is a communication.” Plus, unlike most humans, animals live with one foot in the Otherworld.

This is what I teach. A lot of people are psychic and think that is the only thing they need to be a good interpreter of the silent language. But it isn’t. Communicators need to work on their own personal stuff so as not to project that onto the animal client and the situation. It’s the same for all communication.  To be clear, one needs to be very present and self aware.

My school Rainbow Fianna teaches The New Shamanism, which I founded.  The school  was inspired by the Celtic legends of the Fianna – a group of Irish warriors skilled in martial arts, poetry and magic. Poetry? One of the teachings is about the power of words to harm and to heal.  There is also much magic in animal communication – for an animal to be heard and understood can work miracles.  And New Shamanism animal sensitives are warriors, turning themselves into human angels for animals.  it takes courage to create change. But if we are to see a better world, it starts with changing ourselves.

If you are called to the New Shamanism, featuring Animal Shamanism, to learn about the world  of energy, the Unseen and telepathic connections with animals and nature, then please sign up for my on-lne classes. Those who sign up will be invited to our private Facebook group so we can continue friendships, conversations and learning.

Thanks for wanting to become a human angel for animals.  The world needs you now!

For more information about Rainbow Fianna, or to sign up for one of my online courses, see my web site.