Secret Animal Business


Secret Animal Business: A Celebration of the Secrets of Animals, Their Forgotten Language and How They Can Help You and the Planet Heal by Billie Dean. A book that changes lives. 


Vegan of the Year 2013
I am thrilled to have won Vegan of the Year 2013 in the Outstanding Author category for Secret Animal Business. Thank you to Vegans are Cool for this honour, and for calling SAB “a very important book”.

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Secret Animal Business front coverSecret Animal Business: A Celebration of the Secrets of Animals, Their Forgotten Language and How They Can Help You and the Planet Heal by Billie Dean

Secret Animal Business is a book that changes lives – the lives of the readers of the book as well as their animals.

Drawn from my 30 years as a professional interspecies telepath, Secret Animal Business is the ultimate handbook of enlightened animal care, with everything from diet to education to how to communicate with them.

But more, it is full of heart-warming stories from the perspective of the animals themselves, as well as a candid glimpse into what it is like to grow up as an ultrasensitive.

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I am a trained librarian – and I know good writing when I read it. I used to tell my young students when I was teaching, “If a book does not make you laugh or make you cry, or take you to places you have never been, then look for another book.” Your book Secret Animal Business is remarkable.
– Christine Humphrey

Secret Animal Business by Billie DeanSecret Animal Business dives into the unseen spiritual and psychic worlds of the animals, and reveals the wisdom that resides in the furry and feathered bodies who share our homes and lives. The book’s message of love and natural care for the four-legged members of the family comes through loud and clear. “So many people love their animals, but they kill them slowly through diet, lack of exercise and a toxic living environment which includes negative thinking as well as physical toxins,” says Billie. “But enlightened animal care goes beyond the body.  It includes understanding the intelligent, spiritual nature of animals, and that they have so much to offer us beyond being a cuddly companion.”

So please, order your copy of Secret Animal Business by using the button on the side, and enjoy this mind-opening look at how you can improve your relationship with animals and nature. 388 pages. Softcover.

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Praise for Secret Animal Business

“This is a book to touch the soul. So many books in today’s world are fodder for the brain, but luckily, this book is not. Secret Animal Business is a book for the heart. Whether we like it or not, know it or not, every author carries a signature energy. When I read a book, I am also reading the author; so as I read this book I read Billie Dean. And this is what most impressed me. I could feel a strong soul with a clarity and determination to shine a light into an arena that for a long time has remained a shadowed place. I have shone my light, and continue to do so, but each writer’s light is unique and different . . . and needed. Read this book with your heart as open as your eyes. If the mind begins any protest, tell it to be quiet, and keep on reading.
Allow Billie Dean to inner-touch your life, offering you a new and exciting direction into Nature. Telepathy with all living things is simple . . . and as easy as our busy, complex minds will allow. Nature is waiting for you, offering a new life . . . be in it!
– Michael J. Roads, author of the bestselling Talking with Nature and Journey into Nature, and more recently, Conscious Gardening and Through the Eyes of Love

Social visionary Billie Dean takes us on an incredible journey into the minds, hearts and spirits of the animals who share our lives. Her use of story paints a picture so illuminating that it leaves us wondering why we didn’t see this truth long ago. Secret Animal Business is wonderful, and provides us with insight into becoming a better person, not only for our animal friends but for humanity.
– Rebecca Booth, founder of Elementals Equine Therapies

I wish this book had been around when my first dog entered my life. Our time together would have been even richer than it was. I have long believed that animals and people needed more harmony, but Secret Animal Business takes this to a whole new level. Billie Dean spells out how enriching it can be to connect to nature, whether it is the cat on your sofa, the wombat outside, or the stones in your garden.
– Patricia Hamilton, publisher, Conscious Living Magazine.

Secret Animal Business takes you on a journey that will surely open you more fully to the animal kingdom. Billie Dean writes not only from her generous heart, but from her soul’s wisdom. Secret Animal Business is a book whose time has come. Open your heart to Billie’s insightful wisdom, and you’ll come into a deep relationship of compassion, joy and understanding with all beings.
– Pamela Talbot Adams, animal communicator and author of Angels Who Come With Fur and Four Paws

Billie’s book is an absolute joy. It moved my soul. Her understanding of animals is pure magic and she shows us how the animals can teach us unconditional love. We are at a time of unprecedented change on our planet now and only unconditional love will work. Let us learn from our animal friends. Everyone should read this book.
– Anne Hassett, international psychic and author of Reading Your Child’s Hand and The Secret Power of the F-Word

What Readers Have Said

“I love your book – it is making so much sense, and I feel completely moved to tears when I read it. Well, done Billie, this is brilliant.”
– Deb M. (Victoria, Australia)

“Your book is so cool. I LOVE it! Thank you for all your hard work writing this. It is changing how I relate not only to my animal family, but the human one as well. Beautiful!”
– Marta I. (California, USA)

“It’s causing me lack of sleep because I cannot put it down. I love it.”
– Evelyne S. (NSW, Australia)

“I have read your book and am on page 284. I have to tell you that I spent most of the time crying – sad tears and happy tears. I have about 1,200 books here at home, which now that I am a pensioner will start to read and also read the ones I have read….again. But I can say with confidence that ‘Secret Animal Business’ will be the most special one.”
– Martina P. (WA, Australia)

“I have just finished reading your book and have found it an inspiration (and very emotional at times). I admire your courage and commitment. I volunteer at a dog shelter at the moment and find it very emotional and sometimes hard to cope with. Someone like you help remind me of how important is to get over our own emotional to help an animal far more in need than ourselves.”
– Natasha T (WA, Australia)


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