He was the colour of rich brown earth in a swirl of dust. A young colt, frightened of humans, wary, spooked. Fear built into his DNA. We had him in the paddock near the house with six other horses, including three who were used to humans. Three who could send calming signals to the others, telling them they could trust us.

We took them delicious hay twice a day and got them used to us coming and going with no agenda. The day was spent in play, the night in quiet sleep. Safety. Peace. No predators.

And it worked. This sweet young wild brumby got used to humans the gentle way. But then one morning last week we came out and he had a small tear on his flank.

This is the fourth wild horse scrape this year, and everyone has healed beautifully through medicinal essential  oils and homeopathy. No drama. After 13 years of living with the wild herds, this is the first time we have had this sort of run of minor injuries. I put it down to the dark swirl of negative energies coming from the situation of drought. Horses are sensitive. They pick it up. Drought is stressful to all beings.

I managed to get this young colt with the oils on the first day. He wasn’t suspecting a rain of healing oils on his body. But after that, even though it didn’t hurt him, he knew I had an agenda. It was the agenda to help, but it was an agenda nonetheless. It made him wary.

So I used the magical power of resonant vocal tone and high vibrational words to sooth him. This is bardic healing to restore harmony and balance to the body and soul. This is what Pythagorus used and taught. Pythagorus understood the healing power of a resonant, well-modulated voice, combined with beautiful poetry.

So I sat in the dusty paddock with the dust coloured colt, and put on my best bardic voice, and chanted and intoned poems, chants, songs and words of high vibration, weaving a cloak of deep peace and divine love around him. The tension went out of his body. The trust came back into his eyes.  And I knew, without a doubt, that he would heal himself beautifully.

The healing power of poetry is why I wanted to create an anthology of poems using the Celtic Nature Poem as the foundation. Whenever I teach this in my animal shamanism classes, the students report feelings of being wrapped in love. It’s from an ancient mystery tradition which understood that to really see the beauty of nature, is to know the light of Divine Love.

So for me this book will be a healing for those who read it. And like my colt, it will soothe and restore balance and harmony.

Help us create this book which in turn will help feed and care for the sanctuary animals from the proceeds. Details are here.

©Billie Dean 2018.  Billie Dean is a writer who lives and works with the ancient mystery traditions.  An innate animal telepath and empath, she spent over three decades as an international animal shaman and founded a wisdom school and a not-for-profit charity Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust, based on her teachings.  Billie also runs the Deep Peace Farm Animal Sanctuary with her family.   And is a writer and indie filmmaker for Wild Pure Heart, a company she founded with her husband writer Andrew Einspruch.  www.billiedean.com  www.deeppeacetrust.com  www.wildpureheart.com