So I just had a car full of JW’s come down my drive. As I don’t like unannounced visitors I met them at the fourth gate, wearing my Superior Sunshine Dragon armour. Now a lot of people are rude to JWs, but I take every opportunity to lead by example when I can. So I politely refused a copy of Watchtower, but told them I was working on a better world as well. Without me telling them what I did, they commented on the sheep, and in what good condition they were. “They’re all rescued ,” I said. The woman’s eyes went wide. There are a lot of sheep. “So they just live here till they die,” she said, trying to grasp it. “That’s right ,” I said. “They live a life of peace.” We talked some more and meanwhile they were looking around at the horses, goats, kids playing, sheep grazing, some cows …and feeling the difference in these animals. “They were all going to be slaughtered,” I said quietly. There was a pause. Finally –“they seem very happy.” “Yes, ” I said, “Making a better world starts with compassion and all these animals are sentient and sacred. I could tell that they were all meat eaters, so I just planted the seed. “You’re making a better world physically, while we are doing that spiritually,” they said, smiling. “Actually, I’m doing it spiritually also. My path is one of compassion and non-violence. It’s for peace.” They nodded, thoughtful. I didn’t get into an argument with them about their religious beliefs. There is no point. But I could let them sit with the idea that if all life is sacred, how can you harm any animal? It’s not about “blooding” or whatever they believe about eating animals. It is about honouring the sacred in every being. It’s not my job to turn people vegan. But if I can scatter seeds of more consciousness, kindness and respect then perhaps my work can make a difference. I opened the fourth gate so they could turn around and drive out again. Out of all the places they visit, I doubt they will forget mine.


From my personal Facebook September 26, 2014