It”s the holiday season and a perfect time for gentle activism.  Here’s some recipes you can take to work to share with  your fellow employees.   Organise a picnic!  Make it vegan.  Organise a high tea.  Make it vegan!  Fundraise for an animal sanctuary  (like A Place of Peace) making a vegan treat event  be even more meaningful.  People today are looking for more meaning to make their life magical.  Being vegan, creating a vegan event (even just something to share around for free at work),  and raising money for animals to be safe, plants seeds, and changes minds and hearts! Believe or not, a lot of people think they have to make sacrifices to be vegan.  You don’t anymore!!! So let people experience a cruelty free feast.

We did this once at a photography exhibition we held and on the opening night it  was all about tea and vegan cupcakes.. all manner of amazing cupcakes.  People couldn’t believe they were vegan and it started a conversation about healthy (and cruelty free) cooking!

Here’s some recipes to get started with, that Tamsin found on the internet.  Yum!


Vegan raspberry muffins: https://www.mouthsofmums.com.au/recipe/vegan-raspberry-muffins

  • Easy vegan choc banana muffins: https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/easy-vegan-choc-banana-muffins/ikcr2746
  • Dairy-free caramel slice: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/recipedetail/6257/dairy-free-caramel-slice
  • Vegan chocolate cookies: https://lovingitvegan.com/vegan-chocolate-cookies/
  • Vegan pound cake: https://www.mydarlingvegan.com/vegan-pound-cake/
  • 7-ingredient vegan cheesecakes: https://minimalistbaker.com/7-ingredient-vegan-cheesecakes/
  • Lime raspberry bars: https://veganyumminess.com/lime-raspberry-bars/
  • Vegan ANZAC biscuits (oatmeal coconut cookies): http://divinehealthyfood.com/vegan-anzac-biscuits-oatmeal-coconut-cookies/
  • No-bake cheesecake cups: https://www.oneingredientchef.com/no-bake-cheesecake-cups/
  • Very simple blueberry muffins: https://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/very-simple-blueberry-muffins-278278
  • Vegan double chocolate brownies: http://www.kurryleaves.net/2012/07/vegan-double-chocolate-brownies-eggless.html
  • Cheesecake brownies: http://leavesandflours.blogspot.com/2013/03/cheesecake-brownies.html