We made this video in 2011, after rescuing two herds of horses living wild.  In the decade since we’ve been rescuing wild horses we have come to know them well.  Called “destructive”, “pests” and “feral” by the current people in power, we are once again faced with inhumane actions  of the most barbaric nature by people who surely have lost touch with their humanity.  The only solution to any problem, can’t be killing.  Surely our species is smarter and more heart-filled than that.

In our current society it seems we have sanctified violence and it is causing problems.  It is creating fear when our natural state is love and joy.  In the joyous freedom of the wild horse we find something of ourselves, lost in our conditioned, programmed , materialistic world.  We need these horses, and other wild animals, to be free, to be nurtured and protected.  Because that save our own souls.

These horses are beauty in the landscape, poetry in motion.  They are intelligent and family conscious, forming strong bonds of love. To separate them from their loved ones is cruel.  To shoot them is unacceptable.

We are all connected.  Let’s rise about this violent paradigm and move forward with our hearts and humanity.  We now have 50 wild horses at A Place of Peace.. not to have control over them, to “break” them in, to use them in any way.. but to respect their sovereignty, and offer them safe harbour in a world which really needs to change.

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Thank you!