Kindness Revolution

Baby goats in coats with watermark

Many years ago, an animal client told me there would be a Kindness Revolution started by kind humans. And if you focus on the Good News, you’ll find kind people all over the world doing kind things for animals.

At A Place of Peace, we’ve started our own Kindness Revolution. We heard the call to rescue a truckload of six-month-old lambs heading to slaughter. They now live here with us. We heard a call to rescue a truckload of brumbies from the Snowy Mountains of NSW, who were to be victims of an annual culling. We answered that call, and they now live here. We also heard the call of cows heading to slaughter, and when we stretched to buy land for them because room at the sanctuary was too tight, we couldn’t let the new land’s resident pregnant cows go to slaughter because the retiring farmer was moving to town. So they stayed, and got to keep their last babies.

Kindness ripples outward and reverberates, and humans like to copy. When being kind is cool and acceptable and the done thing, more people do it. So we are seeing a rise in kindness, a rise in vegansim, and increasingly farmers are turning away from slaughter. You just keep hearing about the odd farmer who just can’t kill their animals anymore, and changing the way they do things.

Kindness is also increasing in the area of homeless family animals. When Andrew and I first started in rescue 20-plus years ago, it was a pretty sad scene. But there were human angels in horse, dog and cat rescue who made a difference. Now there are many groups and individuals making a difference, but it still isn’t enough. We need a No Kill (For Life) Australia and world. A world where animals are given shelter if homeless, without the fear of being murdered if no one comes in to collect them straight away.  We need education in place to help people realise that animals are for life — not disposable.  There is so much we have to change.

So please, join us in a Kindness Revolution for animals. Join us on Facebook for posts about the Good News. And support our sanctuary as an act of Kindness.

Our next major project (after fencing and winter hay) is a Great Feral Goat Rescue. Join our newsletter for upcoming news of the rescue, desexing and rehoming of over 100 feral goats who currently are fair game for anyone with a gun. They often take advantage of sacred sanctuary at A Place of Peace.