Seriously .. life is about kindness. When Tam and I went to the beach the other afternoon for a much needed break, I had an opportunity to mingle with humans. There was a guy just sitting in his car alone, and being my usual chatty self, I asked him if he was going for a swim. I’m one of those people (you might be too) who have “listener” in their aura.. out poured his story.   He’d been in a coma for five months, died several times, come back, never made it through the light.. but saw it. And was paralysed. Today he appreciates his second chance.. and is grateful for EVERYTHING. He thanked us for stopping and talking to him and said it meant a lot.

Reach out.. someone needs you to listen. It doesn’t matter who they are, as Maude said in the film Harold and Maude.. “people, they are my species.”  We need each other right now.  Connect up!! This is how we are going to make change.  By being the change.  Kindness to others matters. And sometimes it is just a smile and a ready ear that is the medicine people need.

And here’s a great story about the power of compassion!  This is how we all need to be.. weaving the healing threads of compassion, love and understanding.