I’m here for a reason.  I am a living,breathing, social soul with a society, families, spiritual lives and deep compassion for the world.  Like you I am sentient.  I am smart, funny, caring, curious and I love my friends and family.  I love my children. I hold the keys to many worlds.  A  long time ago I was respected and revered.. and yet you believe the demon who said humans should eat our flesh and drink our milk.  Seriously?

I’m here for a reason.  And that reason is not for you. It is for me.

And you believe the twisted truth.

The world is not about you, my friend.

We were here first.

We are beloved of our Mother, who you call Gaia.  She who is alive and conscious.

Spend time with us and you will learn our secrets.  We are eager to talk.

Are you eager to listen?

Walk off the corrupted path.

And see us for who we truly are.

You think we have no value beyond being “farmed”?

Then you do not begin to know the truth about the world.

What value are you?

Billie Dean,