With the world in such a flux, it’s important to bring the conversation back to the fundamentals of what is important — our natural world and our animal kin. The current way our western world works is broken. And the way to affect social change for a bright new future for all beings is through education and inspiration, drawing on the old wisdoms lost to our modern materialistic culture.

The Deep Peace Trust is a social change charity dedicated to bringing deep peace for all species. It is founded on the ideas and spiritual understandings from traditional wisdom keepers around the world. Ideas to nourish our souls, respect all beings, and bring harmony and peace to the planet.

So if you want to experience deep connection with animals and nature, and start to truly become the change we all want to see in the world, join our tribe and dip your toe in the water with our classes for a better world.

Not only are they educational and give you tools to walk a path of beauty, but you’ll find them both meaningful and uplifting… for the whole family.

All proceeds from these classes support the Trust’s farm animal and wild horse sanctuary, A Place of Peace.

Our courses:

30 Days of Spiritual Wildness

Wyld Shamanism: Meeting the Unseen

Animal Shamanism Level I (on billiedean.com)


What People Say About Billie’s Teachings

“Absolutely loving the program. So heartfelt. Thanks to Billie for pulling this all together. It’s brilliant. Every bit of it’s resonating with me, and it’s reminding me of exactly who I am and why I am here.” — Anne-Maree McInerney, Victoria, Australia

“I just want to say thank you and how much I appreciate Billie, Andrew and Tamsin and the course. It’s been life transformative. I’m not really sure how, but I think it’s Billie’s energy. I am grateful. Much love and many blessings.” — Mary Lou Bisinski, USA

“Always wanting to learn more and understand my world at a deeper level, I am finding lots of wonderful insights in my personal travels through 30 Days of Spiritual Wildness. Take the journey — I promise you will be surprised, challenged and delighted.” — Cheryl Hannah, NSW, Australia

“Beautiful is the inspirational wisdom and nurturing guidance shared by Billie during our 30 Day Spiritual Wildness journey, and beautiful too is the high vibrational energy generated around our sacred ‘space,’ as we follow Billie, Andrew and Tamsin’s ethical and loving examples of a kinder way of living. Deep Peace and Divine Love to all beings, everywhere.” —  Vivienne Mitchinson, United Kingdom

“I absolutely loved this course. It is so full of soul advice, inspiration and how to live one’s life in forgiveness and gratitude, also with ethics and respect and a kind manner so that one day the 3rd Dimension will be transformed into the 5th Dimension. Kindness to both humans and creatures is important for us all to change the world into the place upon which we wish to spend the rest of our Mother Earth (Gaia) days.Thank you so much to Billie, Andrew and Tamsin.” — Joy Elizabeth Allenby-Acuna, NSW, Australia

“I am very grateful to be a part of ’30 Days of Spiritual Wildness.” I enjoy every day reading Billie’s great wisdom and doing the exercises. It makes me feel connected to all the divine souls and beautiful animal friends. Thank you from all my heart, Billie, Tamsin and Andrew. Deep peace and divine love to you all. In Lak-ech A Lak-en.” — Gabriela Pavledis, Switzerland and Australia

“Thank you for the journey Billie, Andrew and Tasmin. The path was sometimes bumpy and it took a while to travel, and at other times I was lighter than air and floated along safe in the knowledge I was loved and held throughout with like souls. The course for me was a guide for life, to challenge my beliefs and ideas, to look at my inner S-elf to see if I was on the right path, and if not how to change my direction with strength and renewed ambition. It is wonderful to be with such a gathering of beautiful souls all yearning for the same purpose — to be that divine spark of Love and Compassion so that we can ignite others as we touch them on our life’s journey.” — Michelle Newton UK.

“This course has so helped me to get back to what I have always cherished — nature and animals. I find myself CRAVING nature now, must be in it, feeling it, admiring it. HAD to get up in the dark hours of the morning and walk barefoot in the wet soft grass. Such a wonderful memory. Thanks for guiding me home, Billie Dean.” — Bridgette Dougherty, USA

“Thank you for a WONDERFUL, WILD month! It was an exciting learning experience, with wonderful insights. I enjoyed each day and plan to continue with your ideas.” — Janet Gasteiger, USA

“Thanks so much to Billie, Andrew and Tamsin for putting together an extraordinary class, which was most enjoyable and enlightening.” — Judy Fountain, NSW, Australia