Billie Dean’s School of Wyld Shamanism presents

Conscious Crossing: Understanding Animal Death and Dying

Losing a beloved animal is a deeply stressful and challenging time. Don’t anyone tell you it isn’t. We are responsible for these bundles of love, and every decent human wants to make sure their beloved crosses with dignity and peace.

This unique workshop with world renowned animal shaman Billie Dean will give the animal’s side of the story. You will learn how they feel about their passing, what they want, how to make them comfortable and peaceful, how to honour their requests, what happens during the dying process, and how to ensure they are truly free. You will also learn how to help the earthbound, why they are earthbound, and get an opportunity to complete with those who have crossed over.

Billie has assisted hundreds of animals to transition naturally in her role as both an animal shaman and the death doula at the Deep Peace Farm Animal Sanctuary, which she founded over 20 years ago. She brings her ability to not only communicate clearly with animals, but to also see and speak with the dead.

The workshop is timed to take advantage of the Samhain energies, when the veil is thin and those in spirit often come to visit.

In this weekend retreat you will:
  • Learn how to best help your beloveds die consciously.
  •  Learn about the animals’ take on the afterlife and the best way to help them transition in peace.
  •  Use the thin veil of Samhain to contact your beloveds for guidance, and to do the best divination for yourself and others. 
  •  Managing grief in both humans and animals.
 Billie’s courses are intense, information-packed, and fun.


What to bring:
  • Paper and pen
  • Drum, rattle, voice, clapping sticks etc for fire ceremony
  • Photos of animals you wish to work with
  • Vegan food to share for the fire feast on Saturday night.
 Cost: $545
All proceeds to go to the Deep Peace Trust Winter Hay Appeal for animals in sanctuary.
Dates and Times
Saturday, April 27, 2019. Arrive at 9:45 am for a 10:00 am start. Finish 10:00 pm.
Sunday, April 28, 2019. Arrive at 9:45 am for a 10:00 am start. Finish: 5:00 pm.
Venue: We’ll be gathering in a private residence at Macclesfield, Victoria in the Dandenongs about an hour’s drive east of Melbourne. Venue details provided on registration.
Booking: To book, email info@deeppeacetrust.com to express interest, and we’ll send you details.

About Billie Dean

Billie is a writer who was born with the gift of shamanic telepathy. She speaks with all of nature, and also those in the spirit world. For 40 years she worked as an animal telepath, helping people and animals all over the world. Today she runs the largest farm animal sanctuary in Australia. She has helped hundreds of animals cross in peace and brought comfort to those who cared for animals passing over. Billie is also the founder of the Billie Dean School of Wyld Shamanism.