Compassionate Cuppa for Cows

1771749725_965ee297ea_zCompassionate Cuppa for Cows is our drive to find more Peace Angels who have it in their hearts to support the cows who have found a forever home at A Place of Peace. Our goal is to make the leap from 25 monthly supporters (thank you existing Peace Angels!) to 50 (thank you new Peace Angels like you!) to help us keep going, especially through the winter, when the cost of feed goes into the multiple thousands.

(Update: 25 Peace Angels are now 29 31 Peace Angels. Woo hoo! We're on our way, thanks to you!)

How do you become a Compassionate Cuppa Peace Angel? It’s simple. You help us be more sustainable by donating the cost of a hot chocolate, coffee or tea per week for the cow (or sheep) people, to help us keep going in a climate where hay is incredibly expensive. Choose your cuppa of choice from the list below and click Support. It’s that easy. (If you prefer donating in US dollars, which is fine with us, use the option at the bottom of the page).

The cows (and sheep) say thank you. And so do we. Thank you!

Choose Your Compassionate Cuppa

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Laughing Cow

Buddha says thank you for your compassionate cuppa!

Kind Heart for Animals

A Bit About the Deep Peace Trust and A Place of Peace

The Deep Peace Trust is a not-for-profit charity with a mission of  deep peace for all species. One of our main activities is supporting the animals of A Place of Peace, our sanctuary. A Place of Peace is Australia’s largest farm animal sanctuary, now full with around 400 safe and happy animals, like Buddha the steer in the photo above, or Bette and her son Davis, below.

Our monthly sponsors are particularly precious, because their regular contributions, large and small, help support the upkeep and on-going care of the sanctuary residents.

So please, do what you can to become a Peace Angel for the animals of A Place of Peace. Choose a Compassionate Cuppa today.

(If you would prefer another form of donation, like EFT, please contact us for details, including banking information. If you’d prefer to donate in US dollars, there’s a button for that below. And our privacy policy spells out how we respect your information).


Betty (right) and Davis enjoying some hay that your Compassionate Cuppa makes possible.

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Use the options below to donate monthly in US dollars instead of Australian dollars. (We’re totally cool with that.)

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The Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust is registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC). Charitable Fundraising Number CFN/22658 and CFN/22666.

Moo cup photo © Jason Rogers. Used with permission under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.