Celebrate Peace Day with the Trust

September 21st is the UN’s International Day of Peace, and you may have noticed that here at the Deep Peace Trust, we’re passionately committed to fostering deep peace for all species. We invite you to be a beacon for peace and  join us in celebrating Peace Day, making it something special, and perhaps helping raise much -needed funds for the animals of A Place of Peace.

What can you do?

  • PICNIC FOR PEACE:  Whether it is autumn or spring in your part of the world, this time of year is perfect for connecting with the sun outside in nature through picnics and al fresco dining.  We love to encourage people to host a Peace-nic (a picnic for peace)? Peace-nics are an outreach fundraising activity that puts you in the driver’s seat and gives people you know and love a chance to experience kind, animal-free eating. Details on hosting one are here, and there are recipes here. You don’t have to limit yourself to the 21st. We love this season of change for bringing change to the world, in a gentle and fun way.
  • EXCLUSIVE T SHIRT: Or, you might like to pick up an an exclusive Be a Beacon for Peace T-shirt or other item from our store on Red Bubble. This beautiful artwork was created by the awesome and talented Lulu Boyadjian of Lulu’s Heart Centered Healing (Luluhealing.com), and has been donated to the Trust to help us promote our work for deep peace for all species. Put your heart on your sleeve (or on your chest, as it were), and let the world know you’re a peacenik through and through. We need more people for peace in our world!   (And when you get your shirt, send us a photo of you wearing it and we’ll post it on Facebook to share with the world.) Let’s get the message out there — peace and harmony with all life!  Make a difference!!
  • MEDITATION FOR PEACE: Very simply, spend 11 minutes meditating for a world of deep peace for all species.  Embody the feeling of deep peace and divine love, and  that feeling  will resonate out to the world for change, joining million of other Meditators for Peace on this particular day.  Why are we different? Because we are meditating for all life, farm animals and others included. May all beings be happy and free from suffering. We like to take 11 minutes at 11 am and 11 pm. Or one of the other.  Just set your intention for deep peace for all species and join millions of other meditators for peace on September 21.
  • DEEP PEACE PROMISE: If you haven’t done so yet, make the Deep Peace Promise, and commit to making it part of your daily life.  Encourage others to d o the same.  Let’s make a change!!

Here at the Trust, we’ll be celebrating Peace Day with our animal residents at A Place of Peace,  by making a special Peace Day cake to share with the dogs, giving the cows, horses, goats  and sheep  extra Peace Day hay, and  we’ll be having our own Peace-nic, sharing vegan food with people we love, and enjoying a deep peace for all species 11 minute meditation.

Help us make a difference, by being the difference.  And support the continuation of our work  by buying a T shirt and holding a Peace-nic.  Or you just might like to make a donation.  Help us make a peaceful world…for all species.