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Thank you for considering leaving a bequest to the Deep Peace Trust in your will. The animals of A Place of Peace are most grateful for your thoughtfulness, consideration, and support.

Setting up a bequest in your will is simple to do, and is an effective way to have a lasting impact on the work of the Deep Peace Trust. It is a way to significantly affect the lives of animals, not just the ones who call A Place of Peace home, but through our projects that promote compassionate action and a world of deep peace, the lives of animals all over the planet.

Of course, when you set up a will, you should consult your legal advisor to make sure it is done properly. However, to include the Deep Peace Trust, your will should include text along the lines of the following:

I give, free of all duties and taxes, [gift] to Billie Dean Deep Peace Pty Ltd ATF Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust, ABN 41 160 177 444, PO Box 61, Braidwood, NSW 2622 Australia. The receipt of the treasurer, General Manager, or Chair of the Trust is an absolute discharge to my executor.”

What kind of gift might you include in the [gift] text above? Anything your heart feels might be appropriate. Here are some examples of text you could include:

  • the sum of $x
  • my whole estate
  • x% of my estate
  • my property located at [location] with title [title reference]
  • the following shares: [number of shares and what the shares are in]
  • the residue of my estate
  • x% of the residue of my estate.

Whatever you feel is appropriate, would be gratefully received, and is a wonderful way to ensure a lasting legacy that directly makes the lives of animals better.

If you need any other information, please use the contact page to get in touch. We’re happy to supply whatever information might be needed.

And again, thank you for considering the Trust in your will.