Be a Benevolent Brumby Benefactor

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Here at the Deep Peace Trust, we have a heart for horses, and a special soft spot for brumbies. There’s something so pure about the wild ones who we care for in sanctuary. We learn so much from them — about their society, their strong family bonds, how they care for each other, and their deep connection to the land. Learning about the world of the wild equines helps us understand so much about their domesticated cousins and give the latter a better life.

There are dozens of brumbies in sanctuary here, and it takes a lot to provide for their well-being, care, and rehabilitation. We feed them twice a day and check them to make sure they’re healthy and happy.

But we can’t do it alone.

If you have a heart for horses like we do, then we need your help, by becoming a Benevolent Brumby Benefactor (we love the alliteration of this ?).

Our Benevolent Brumby Benefactors are monthly donors who support our rescued brumby herds. They make it possible for us to take on horses like Pahara whose story broke our hearts. She’d been trapped and removed from the Kosciuszko National Park, taken away from her herd and family. She was placed at a home, but ended up at the doggers (where they send horses to slaughter for pet food). Someone rescued her from there and found her a second home. But that one didn’t work out either, and she ended up at the doggers a second time.

A kind soul saved her again, and at that point, we knew she had to come here. That’s her in the photo below the Donate button shortly after she arrived in early 2022.

Your support also tells the world you believe that the lives of brumbies are precious, that you don’t accept violence and fear as a norm, and that you want to reduce suffering in the world. Your monthly donation as a Benevolent Brumby Benefactor means we can keep doing the work we do here at the Deep Peace Trust — the care, the feeding, the rehabilitation, and ensuring that the brumbies here are happy and healthy. It helps pay for vet care, and for those who need it, special needs care.

So please, click the Donate button below, choose the level of support you’d like ($50, $100, $250 or an amount of your choosing per month), and bask in the good feeling of doing something to help the brumbies.

We are also very grateful for people who remember the brumbies in their wills. Please consider making a bequest to them.

And again, many, many thanks for supporting our work including our rehabilitation and care for animals, our outreach work, and our education initiatives. Your donation makes the dream of a better world for brumbies possible! Bless you! xxx

Here are some of the brumbies we’ve been able to help with support like yours (click to enlarge photo):