Here at the Deep Peace Farm Animal Sanctuary, we’re about sustainability and forging new ways with the land and the animals, acting in an interconnected way.  I’m very influenced by my Celtic heritage and the old ways of working with the Unseen.

In ancient  Ireland, the King married the land.  He recognised the Unseen and when all went well, the animals and land thrived.  In the story of Arthur, it is said that when Arthur was happy and following the Higher Plan, his contract with the magical forces of the unseen, Camelot thrived.

So here at A Place of Peace, I have taken the understanding of Sovereignty to heart and with my relationship to the Fae, am working towards bringing back the balance to this land.  The animals at peace are an important factor in this.  But so  is my ancient contract with the  People of Peace.

I noticed that our drought broke when I spoke internationally about the importance of reverence and relationship with the Tree People, and when I taught my own Celtic Faerie brand of Animal Shamanism.. which is about respect and reverence and relationship  with all — including farm animals.  That was the day the creek flowed again.

In our modern day we are taught to disbelieve in the Unseen and other realms.  They have become a thing for children and fantasy stories.  But the yearning so many have for “fantasy” is a lingering memory of what the world once was.. and can be again.

Other dimensions, other peoples, other realms.. they are all real. And we re very interconnected.

So I do my practises in honouring the spirits of place and the land herself, the tree people and the Others who live here.  I bless the land, and the creek.  I pour energy into the land.. and I do my best to act on my geasa.  I once had my mentor, a teacher of the People of Peace, come up to me in the paddock, put his hands on my shoulders, look me in the eye and say.. WRITE.

For me this sanctuary is a sacred village, and everything and everyone  is alive and has needs, wishes, and desires.  As the human guardian with the gift of speaking the silent language, it is up to me (and Andrew and Tam) to be the best Earthkeepers we can.  This is why I liken this land to Avalon, a place of higher learning and magical living, a place of  druids and priestesses.  There are Wise Ones wearing the suits of animals, there are Elders among the Tree People.  The world is truly enchanted and nothing like the mundane place, religion has taught us it is.

When humans find their way back to understanding the sovereignty of animals and the land and the Unseen, we will have balance, harmony and the Utopia we all dream of.

c Billie Dean 2018

Billie Dean is an innate telepath and empath, a global authority on animal spirituality and the founder of the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust.  She and her family run the Trust’s animal sanctuary in NSW Australia, where over 460 rescued animals live in peace and safety. Billie also writes forWild Pure Heart,  the story studio she founded with her husband, writer Andrew Einspruch.  www.deeppeacetrust.com  www.billiedean.com www.wildpureheart.com

Here is a link to an article explaining Sovereignty.  I couldn’t write it better myself.  Enjoy.

Restoring Sovereignty and the Path Forward