A Deep Peace Welcome

Hello, and a big, warm-hearted welcome from the Deep Peace Trust and the animals at our sanctuary, A Place of Peace. This website is our Well in the Wilderness, and we want it to be your go-to place if you love animals and nature and want to make a difference, or if you are an animal sensitive, feeling alone, or looking for more serenity. Or you just want to check out a new story of what is possible for our world.  This is the place to come when you want to focus on the world you want.

We hope you will join us in a vision of a world free of fear and violence, where people remember the song of the earth, the language of nature and the animals, and the Divine in us all. Here’s to a humanity living in harmony with the natural world.

Join us for regular inspiration, animal and earth wisdom, thought-provoking conversations, insightful books, gorgeous photography and stories about the more mystical side of animals. Meet our Animal Peace Ambassadors, read our Sanctuary News, find new vegan recipes and join our community of people like you!

Shifting the paradigm takes a tribe, and our peace-loving “peaceniks” are thinking outside the square, transforming themselves, embracing the shift in consciousness, and making a deep peace difference to animals, the planet and themselves. Thanks for joining us as we work toward a kinder, more compassionate world of deep peace for all species.

Deep peace to you!

— Billie