We’ve learned a lot about the spirit and spark of  sheep. Here are five reasons to love them, and not eat them.

  1. In bringing up Sarah the lamb inside the house, we found that she loved classical music and would often sit at Andrew’s feet as he played, looking up at him adoringly.SarahPiano with watermark 3
  2. Sarah, like all lambs, was super playful. She particularly loved to play slide with the goats.SarahWinston with deep peace watermark
  3. Sarah has always been extremely adaptable and personable. She gets along with sheep, goats, dogs, cats, and of course, the humans.Willow and Sarah with Trust watermark
  4. Lambs are baby sheep. Their mothers adore them. The family bonds are strong, as are their friendship bonds.Lambs Playing - Deep Peace Trust
  5. Sheep are very protective and caring.
    lamb_and_mother with watermark