Are you being called by the natural world?

Do you want deeper connections with the animals and nature you love?

Do you want to know what Mother Earth is saying right now?

Do you want to break free of this old paradigm of human violence and cruelty?

Yearn for a kinder, gentler new way of being with the planet?

Over all the fear, stress and anxiety today?

 Want hope, playfulness, joy, love and feelings of peace?

Want to regain your wild spirit?

Finding it lonely or difficult to navigate the changes? Want to make some changes?

Want to make a difference and help create a culture of compassion?

Want the support of tribe and community?

Then the world needs you to be the change you are looking for.

Starts February 1, 2022

Take the challenge — 30 Days of Wyld Shamanism – an adventure in wild spirituality.

Hi there, I’m Billie Dean and I invite you to kick off 2022 with a challenge to connect deeper to nature, animals and the real you.. and lift your frequency despite everything going on around the planet. Today there’s a choice to make .. we can either go through the door to a better timeline and everything that offers us, or be stuck where we are. Let’s choose the door!

I’m an innate interspecies telepath living with hundreds of mostly wild animals on a large sanctuary, A Place of Peace, which I created with my husband Andrew 25 years ago. Since 1978, I’ve been profoundly touched by the indigenous Prophecy of Peace. This time we now live in was foreseen by ancient seers across almost all cultures. The Prophecy was about a coming Golden Age, and today people also call it The New Earth, The Great Turning, Age of Aquarius, or Ascension. It’s meant to be a golden age like no other… 1,000 years of peace! We now stand at the threshold of this new era. But what is it going to take to anchor it in? To make it a reality?

I believe we need to move away from so much conditioning about who we are as humans and return to our rightful place in the natural world. Mother Earth is begging us to come home to the proverbial forest of the natural world, and to stop seeing ourselves as separate from Her and her other children, the animals, the trees. the stones, the waters, the mountains, the wind. All who have a language and a voice… for those who can hear.

In this 30-day challenge, you will learn the non-human perspective and begin to move into your rightful place as a human with humility, heightened intuition, more understanding of who you are authentically , singing your soul song and learning to listen to the language of silence, all beings speak with respect and reverence.

Through daily insights and exercises, we will introduce you to a path in the forest which takes you home to who you really are, so you can experience the healing that simple shifts and actions can bring.

If something in you yearns to do something positive for the planet, yourself and your animals this year, if you want to move forward with like-hearted souls, if you want to break out and get some new tools for the spiritual toolkit, if you want to feel safe with community as the old world disintegrates, and a new one is born, then join us

I want to challenge you to free yourself and your thinking, so you can find out who you really are outside of societal conditioning, and have the courage to ditch fear, anxiety and blandness, and step into playfulness, joy, kindness and love. I also want to challenge you to connect deeply with animals and nature, because to me, that’s the magic ingredient that’s missing from the planet today. Humans have forgotten how to be in the forest of life. And how to listen to the wisdom of nature and the animals.

The last few years have been hard on everyone, and now, like never before, we’re being asked to literally “rise above it.” So I devised a challenge, in bite-sized pieces, drawing on both old wisdom and new thought and practise, to help us make a shift — together.

If you’re like me and yearn for a peaceful world of balance, harmony, and kindness to all species — a new earth — then embodying these thoughts and practises will help you find your way back to your core, uncover your real and authentic self, lift your spirits, help you find a new way of engaging with the world, and seriously help the shift to a better tomorrow. And it’s fun!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on a spiritual path for a long time or a short time or not at all, this is a course we all need right now.

The planet needs you!

Forget scrolling through the bad news. Focus on yourself for a short time every day for 30 days and see how much better you feel, and how differently you relate to the world around you. Odds are good, you’ll feel freer, more able to blow a proverbial raspberry at the old paradigm of craziness, and untether yourself from old conditioning and programming.

We need our wildness back. Our rightful place is in the forest of the natural world, hand-in-hand with the animals, the spirits, the trees, the stones, the rivers, the wind, the rain, the fire, the earth and the mountains. Even if we live in the heart of the city, we can still get our wild, true, untarnished souls back on track by following the wise directives of the heart.

Take the challenge. Just 30 days of bite-sized thinking to get you seeing the world differently. And we all know, when we see the world differently, it changes.

Let me take you on a journey to freedom where we can put some good energy into ourselves and our planet. What a way to kick off the year… a pivotal year which needs people who remember they are “warriors,” courageous enough to make perception shifts, find their joy, get happy, embrace peace and contentment, and with their increased frequency, literally change the world.

If we want the New Earth, we need to become the New Earth.

Let’s do this together. Gather your friends and let’s make a difference. It’s so much better when we walk forward united, in fun, with purpose and with passion.

And what’s really cool is that this class is a much-needed charity fundraiser for the Deep Peace Trust’s farm animal sanctuary A Place of Peace. All proceeds support the animals’ upkeep and daily care. And there’s over 500 of them from cows and sheep to wild horses and wild cats. So an act of kindness for yourself and the planet is also an act of kindness to animals in sanctuary. And it feels so good to be kind!

All you need to be part of this 30-day global experience is the willingness to take up the daily challenges, and make a commitment to looking inside to make a difference outside.

Each day is designed to take roughly 15 minutes (plus or minus a bit — it depends on you). So everyone can find a way to be part of it, even with our full, busy lives.


How does this global challenge and online course help you?

    • Get deeper connections with animals and nature and get Mother Earth’s urgent messages, just for you.
    • Learn a toolkit’s worth of good stuff to help you lift your frequency, and become a safe person.
    • Get up close and personal with the real you.
    • Find a fresh perspective — not only your world, but the world. And that’s awesome, because the world needs this kind of change. We need to be manifesting the new earth at a whole new level.
    • Connect with a like-minded tribe of caring, compassionate people who share the dream of a better world, and a willingness to dive into their spiritual wildness. (Optional.)

    Are you game to take the challenge to make the world a better place? Do you have the courage to shift? Because the world needs you.

    This could be the month the world shifts into deep peace — because of you.

    Your Wyld Shamanism Guides

    Billie Dean

    Billie is an award-winning writer, internationally known animal shaman, lifelong rebel, inspirational teacher, animal lover, creator of Wyld Shamanism, and founder of the Deep Peace Trust, which works for deep peace for all species. Billie has been inspired by the indigenous prophecy of peace for decades, and brings her elfish, fae sense of fun to the spiritually wild. She can’t wait to share her insights with you, and more importantly, help lead you to your own.

    Andrew Einspruch

    Andrew is a prolific book author, a tech head, a peace lover, and co-founder of the Deep Peace Trust. Andrew is your technical support and all-round take-care-of-things guy for the course. Got a question? He’s got an answer.

    Why 30 Days of Wyld Shamanism?

    As has been sung, what the world needs now is love, sweet love. Our planet needs us to Listen to her right now and understand what she is saying. This is the realm of the spiritually wild. She wants us to Remember who we really are at our core, to shed the conditioning, free ourselves from what tethers us to blandness, domesticity and forgetfulness about the real reality, and make a positive dent in the collective consciousness by embracing play, delight, fun, humility and reverence for all life.

    Change can happen in an instant, but old lore says it takes a moon passing to have that change take root. The world needs people who are dedicated to their inner growth and committed to peace. Want a better planet? Want a world that is less ominous? Then the answer is simple (but not necessarily easy): become a better you.

    To be honest, I have a huge desire that underpins all my teaching. I love animals and the natural world and I’m done with the old paradigm of cruelty and ignorance. The more people who remember the old ways of living in harmony within the circle of kin, with humility, respect, and reverence, the more the planet will become a safe place for everyone else who lives here. The more people who embrace the ideas of animal and nature sovereignty and agency, the happier they all be, and so will I.

    I’ve communicated with animals and nature all my long life. I did it professionally for four decades. I care for hundreds of animals in sanctuary, and have done so for three decades. Because of this, my perspective is different to many humans’. It’s aligned to the New Earth, because every soul yearns for feelings of safety and peace so they can get on with the job of having fun and keeping their vibration high. This is what we have achieved at A Place of Peace, our animal sanctuary, where animals get to live as naturally as possible and the peace is palpable.

    30 Days of Wyld Shamanism is an inspirational spiritual challenge and online course, where you’ll go on an adventure that gets you to reconnect with the wild sacredness inside you. Over 30 days, you’ll set aside time each day (we figure around 15 minutes, plus or minus a bit, on average) to make your personal exploration a priority, turn inclination into habit, try new approaches to spiritual practice, and experience different perspectives that can transform your life.

    This is a one-of-a-kind program fit for all levels of experience, whether you’re a spiritual newbie or a devout practitioner. It unfolds at a pace that suits your unique schedule and lifestyle, and is done in the privacy of wherever you are. All you need is you, a connection to the Internet, a pen, a notebook, an open mind, and willing heart.

    30 Days of Wyld Shamanism is a secret weapon against the world’s current darkness. Join us as we follow the path that is the Deep Peace Way and, as Steve Jobs once said, do our bit to make a dent in the universe.

    Or as another great spiritual teacher once said, we’re going to give peace a chance.

    But… Why “Wild Spirituality” or “Wyld Shamanism”?

    Because we urgantly need to start listening to what Mother Earth and the animals and natural world wants… without programming and conditioning and thinking we know better. I have so many stories of people blundering around making things worse for animals because they simply havent been taught how to live in the forest.

    You know what’s happened to us? We’ve become domesticated. And separated. Outside our natural place in the forest. Our government, our marketers, our religious leaders, our TV programmers — they all want us bland and blah, docile and unquestioning. They want us living out what author Stuart Wilde called a tick-tock world of the humdrum and ordinary everyday. They’d prefer everyone pursue a life distracted by reality TV, Facebook drivel, and the current crisis du jour.

    But that’s not you, is it? That’s not what your soul yearns for.

    That’s why this challenge is an exploration of spiritual wildness — of embracing acts of kindness, of finding new insights, of feeling what it is like to let a new perspective and an approach of deep peace to guide your life.

    “You have to fight for the right to be spiritually free. It is not granted to you automatically, quite the reverse.
    Tick-tock’s drummer will try to force you to march to its tune and be like it—bland.
    It will suck you dry to sustain itself. You must encourage yourself to resist and praise yourself when you do.
    — Stuart Wilde

    So that’s where we’re going. We’re going to spend 30 days stepping up to the challenge, fighting the feeling of overwhelm, taking a breath, finding our authentic selves, and being brave enough to bring a changed you to the planet. And we’re going to learn to Listen.

    What You Can Look Forward To:

    • 30 challenges — inspirational prompts for self-exploration, and designed to take a very do-able amount of time. These will become available starting on February 1, 2022, so we can all step through the material together.
    • Access to an (optional) private Wyld Shamanism-only Facebook group, where we can share, interact, inspire, ask questions, and give and receive feedback. We (Billie and Andrew) pop in there from time to time, and there are others who have taken the course before or are taking it now. You can join the group, or not, as suits you. If you choose not to, you’ll still benefit plenty from the course materials.

    This All Sounds Cool. So, What Else Do I Need to Know?

    This is exclusively online.
    You can do it at home, on your break at work, or while you’re at the library or cafe. Want to do it in your pyjamas at an ashram in the Himalayas? That’s cool, too, so long as the monks give you their wi-fi password.

    You can pace it to meet your needs.
    We’ve set it up for thirty days, but you can take it as fast or slow as you want (we don’t recommend rushing it). The point is to make a little time every day to return to your source. Your spiritual wildness needs attention, and this challenge is all about watering that seed. If you need more time, that’s fine. Do it at your pace.

    Are you ready to do this?
    If you’re still reading this, then the answer is absolutely, resoundingly “yes.”

    Look, here’s one thing we can promise. Stuff’ll happen. Opportunities will come up to not do the work, or procrastinate, or skip an exercise, or whatever.

    But here’s the gig: if you make this commitment to you, you’re helping the planet be that little bit gentler.


    Have a Spiritual Adventure with Us Every Day For 30 Days
    for less than the cost of one of those fancy super-vente-mocha-frappa-whatsies from the caffeine purveyor down the road.

    The price for 30 Days of Wyld Shamanism is only $AUD144. Just click any of the Click Here to Register buttons on this page, like the one above. And like we said, this is a fundraiser for the animals of the Deep Peace Trust’s farm animal sanctuary, so your course fee also helps tell the world that the lives of farm animals matter.


    Payment Plan

    We understand that not everyone can swing the whole price up front, so we offer a payment plan: two payments of $79 a fortnight apart. Use the PayPal Subscribe button below to set it up, then drop us a note on our Contact page we can help you finish the registration process.

    What People Are Saying About 30 Days

    “Absolutely loving the program. So heartfelt. Thanks to Billie for pulling this all together. It’s brilliant. Every bit of it’s resonating with me, and it’s reminding me of exactly who I am and why I am here.” — Anne-Maree McInerney, Victoria, Australia

    “I just want to say thank you and how much I appreciate Billie, Andrew and Tamsin and the course. It’s been life transformative. I’m not really sure how, but I think it’s Billie’s energy. I am grateful. Much love and many blessings.” — Mary Lou Bisinski, USA

    “Always wanting to learn more and understand my world at a deeper level, I am finding lots of wonderful insights in my personal travels through 30 Days. Take the journey — I promise you will be surprised, challenged and delighted.” — Cheryl Hannah, NSW, Australia

    “Beautiful is the inspirational wisdom and nurturing guidance shared by Billie during our 30 Day journey, and beautiful too is the high vibrational energy generated around our sacred ‘space,’ as we follow Billie, Andrew and Tamsin’s ethical and loving examples of a kinder way of living. Deep Peace and Divine Love to all beings, everywhere.” — Vivienne Mitchinson, United Kingdom

    “I absolutely loved this course. It is so full of soul advice, inspiration and how to live one’s life in forgiveness and gratitude, also with ethics and respect and a kind manner so that one day the 3rd Dimension will be transformed into the 5th Dimension. Kindness to both humans and creatures is important for us all to change the world into the place upon which we wish to spend the rest of our Mother Earth (Gaia) days.Thank you so much to Billie, Andrew and Tamsin.” — Joy Elizabeth Allenby-Acuna, NSW, Australia

    “I am very grateful to be a part of 30 Days. I enjoyed every day reading Billie’s great wisdom and doing the exercises. It makes me feel connected to all the divine souls and beautiful animal friends. Thank you from all my heart, Billie, Tamsin and Andrew. Deep peace and divine love to you all. In Lak-ech A Lak-en.” — Gabriela Pavledis, Switzerland and Australia

    “Thank you for the journey Billie, Andrew and Tasmin. The path was sometimes bumpy and it took a while to travel, and at other times I was lighter than air and floated along safe in the knowledge I was loved and held throughout with like souls. The course for me was a guide for life, to challenge my beliefs and ideas, to look at my inner S-elf to see if I was on the right path, and if not how to change my direction with strength and renewed ambition. It is wonderful to be with such a gathering of beautiful souls all yearning for the same purpose — to be that divine spark of Love and Compassion so that we can ignite others as we touch them on our life’s journey.” — Michelle Newton UK.

    “This course has so helped me to get back to what I have always cherished — nature and animals. I find myself CRAVING nature now, must be in it, feeling it, admiring it. HAD to get up in the dark hours of the morning and walk barefoot in the wet soft grass. Such a wonderful memory. Thanks for guiding me home, Billie Dean.” — Bridgette Dougherty, USA

    “Thank you for a WONDERFUL, WILD month! It was an exciting learning experience, with wonderful insights. I enjoyed each day and plan to continue with your ideas.” — Janet Gasteiger, USA

    “Thanks so much to Billie, Andrew and Tamsin for putting together an extraordinary 30 day challenge which was most enjoyable and enlightening.” — Judy Fountain, NSW, Australia

    Photos by Omid ArminJavardh and Austin Chan on Unsplash and by Dave Francis from Pixabay