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Welcome to the Deep Peace Trust

Hello, and a big, warm-hearted welcome from the Deep Peace Trust and the animals at our sanctuary, A Place of Peace.  At the Deep Peace Trust we believe that compassion for and deep connections with animals and nature will help us  create a better world.  We draw from a well of ancient wisdom, loving hearts and modern thinking to create a  template of kindness and loving acts, whch ripple out into the world, inspiring others to step up for nature and animals.  

We hope you will join us in a vision of a world free of fear and violence, where people remember the song of the earth, the language of nature and the animals, and the Divine in us all. Here’s to a humanity living in harmony with the natural world.

Join us for regular inspiration, animal and earth wisdom, thought-provoking conversations, insightful books, gorgeous photography and stories about animals.

Shifting the paradigm takes a tribe, and our community are thinking outside the square, transforming themselves, embracing the shift in consciousness, and making a deep peace difference to animals, the planet and themselves. Thanks for joining us as we work toward a kinder, more compassionate world of deep peace for all species.

Deep peace to you!